planet5D 2012 direction and beyond – take the poll and drive

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This is the time of year that many people reflect on the past and what will come in the following year – and here at planet5D, we've been thinking about that for a while, but now, we'd like to have some input from you!

Since you spend the time coming here for news and more, we thought we'd pump you for ideas about which directions you think we should go. And to further that, we've put together this massive poll – giving you just about every option we can think of to vote on – with the hope you're give us your votes and if we haven't covered something, please feel free to sound off in the comments!

There are almost too many options listed here (some are duplicates – both sides of the coin – do more or do less of a subject) but that's why we're letting you pick your top 10 suggestions when you vote.

The planet5D future directions poll

you can vote for up to 10 items (you don't have to do that many if you don't want) but you can only vote once! [poll id=”14″]


I do get tons of emails from readers who love what we're doing and I personally thank each and every one of you! It is so amazing to see how planet5D is helping people around the world!

But, the folks who don't write in and just never come back may have some good input as well – so I'm hoping you'll provide some constructive input in the comments as well!

Tell me what you think!

So please speak your mind (keep it constructive) in the comments – or if you want to send me something privately, just use the contact me page.

(cover photo credit: snap from this flickr photo which has a creative commons lisc.)


  1. Mitch,

    I think the demand for articles on still photography will be underrepresented in your survey. You do so little on still photography that many of these people are probably not coming to your site. Actually I’m sure that the number of people doing still photography with 5Ds, etc far exceeds the number of users making movies. You may get only a small piece of the market, but it will be a small piece of a big number.

    Good luck, I do enjoy your site as is.


  2. this is exactly the type of pointless stuff that frustrates me about your website “New Poll: Will smart phone cameras replace HDSLRs within 5 years?” stick to industry enlightening post. we come to learn!

  3. You have a nice site in general, and I definitely click on the articles to view here on the site from the emailed newsletters. So, in short, I think you’re doing just great as far as that’s concerned.

    I have 1 main detraction, and this is nit-picky. I have a 7D and a T2i – no 5D to speak of and probably never will – and I’m sure you’ve heard that before, which is why it’s nit-picky as far as going to the trouble to mention it.

    I don’t know what your bandwidth is, or your plans, but becoming another content site like Vimeo would be really cool. I’m not sure how saturated the market is, and if that would COST you more than it’s worth to do, but might be cool.

    I mostly like this site for educational and news article purposes, seeing what trends are out there and developing. Maybe add more about the business end of low to no-budget filmmaking – now that you HAVE to tools (camera, lenses, audio gear, editing, etc.) what do you DO with it to forward your career? That kind of stuff.

    Keep going – I like the site a lot!


  4. I still check every email that comes in. However, I don’t go to the site much anymore. I do stills on the 5d and it has become a video site – which is fine. I would love to be a full time photographer, but I want how-to information especially how it relates to the 5d: transmitting photos, workflow, getting freelance gigs, lighting, etc. There just isn’t much for what I am looking for.

    I would also love to do video or time lapse in the future but I need to learn how to do it. It’s great to watch, but then I go research elsewhere to see details. Video on the 5d has been a thing I’ve never been able to do. I can never get the video to play cleanly on my computer let alone learn how to edit it. And that’s something that I’ve not found discussed anywhere in one spot.

    So, in fact, seeing all the video work on this site has discouraged me more than anything. I pretty much ignore it all now. It’s nice they’re using the 5d to film another show, but I can’t even figure out how to get a video of my daughter to work.

  5. Traditionally I’m a photographer, and have occasionally ventured into video before. My firstvideo editing hardware was a FAST video machine DPR. Sluggish as hell and only VGA. I burnt a lot of money and realized that my targets were not within budget. This changed with the advent of video on DSLRs. Now stuff gets manageable, and with the knowledge from 30 years of photography lighting and props, and production management are there.

    I do come here occasionally to see what others have done to solve special problems. Sometimes I might ask a question. But video is today less than 5% of my business. It’s growing, though, and certainly time will come when it is more important. I think this is the case with many people. After the first euphoria many people realize that no budget leads to no result. I have tons of studio flash, giving me great lighting… unless I need sound. The fans blow every sound. So I started collecting film light. Fresnels, PC, flooders…..

    My estimate is that video in DSLRs ist still an emerging market, and a forum like this needs time to grow. It needs to professionalize just like the users need to professionalize when a really good video is their objective.

    Other than that a cell phone camera would do for them.

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