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I’ve been reading several interesting blog posts/tweets lately about the death of the DSLR via the surge in smart phones with high quality cameras so I thought I’d ask you what you thought…

I’ve included a couple of quotes below the poll to give you an idea of what some others are saying.

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Are Phones About To Wipe Out The Digital Camera Industry?

There is a revolution going on in the quality of photos coming from smart phones, and the improvement in quality is such that it could signal the end for the digital camera. A professional photographer might not agree but for a layman like myself, you can now take pictures on your phone that are every bit as good – if not better – than an expensive camera.

Phones have had the capability to take photos for many years now, but it’s only in the last year that they have caught up with digital cameras in terms of quality of images produced. For somebody who takes the odd picture, there’s no longer a need to have a digital camera and that has to be a big worry for the entire digital camera industry, especially when you consider the fact that phone cameras can only improve even further from here on in.

Stats Show Phones Are Taking Over

Flickr might not be the most cutting edge of social networks any more, but they do share the information on which cameras are used to upload photos onto the site. As you can see from the graphs below, the iPhone is by far the most popular camera and other smart phones are starting to follow suit.

Mark my words, the iPhone will be as widely used in the editorial world as the 5d Mk ii in a matter of years.

27% of Photos and Videos Now Captured on Smartphones [STUDY] [source: tweet from @photoJack]

(cover photo credit: snap from the article – I don’t know where they got the image)


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