New planet5D poll question: What’s your price point for the Canon EOS C300?

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There's been a lot of discussion about the announced price of the Canon EOS C300 and we've posted rumors about the price coming down even before it is available… so we thought we'd ask you what you thought. We've seen prices lower than the announced $20k – but we don't know how low it will really be priced when it is released in January – but we thought we'd list some ranges just to see what you thought might be the affordable price point for you.

Just so you know… tho there's a lot of excitement about the Canon EOS C300 and we will likely post many things about it, we're not going to abandon the HDSLR market because that's really our focus — shooting with HDSLRs is going to be exciting for quite a while! After all, we've got new cameras coming from Nikon and Canon in 2012 as well as Canon's new Cinema EOS DSLR they teased us with at the November 3rd announcements.

Poll on Canon EOS C300 price

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We've had a poll question over in the right sidebar for many moons, but I think we're going to try to add some additional questions here in the blog itself – I might even do it weekly – so keep your eye on the blog!

(cover photo credit: photo I took of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS C300 at the November 3rd launch party)


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  1. Some pro French shops priced the C300 with EF mount and with a “special offer” at 14 350 euros or 18 724 dollars.

    Rather bummed on the price… Will be personally plain happy to continue with hdslr.

  2. i totally understand that they’re willing to fill a new price category. but as this camera is aimed to HDSLR shooters who want to step up, the 10K bucks psychological boundary is real.
    besides, there’s still a lot to develop on the feature list for this camera. uncompressed, 4K, RAW, 10bit etc etc. so leaving some headroom in price for that makes sense too.
    oh, financial crisis – have we mentioned? 😉

  3. No way in the world would I pay that kind of money for the c300 at! However,soupposively the C300/PL Mount was the same price as the fs100 then I would be all over that in a snap. For 14k I can geta red scarlt x 4k e mount and a pl mount red scarlet 4 for 15k and it is by far a better camera.
    But I am a Canon person and I would love to se the PL Mount C300 in the 5k range.

  4. There’s a lot to like about this camera but it’s simply too expensive for what it’s offering in my opinion – even the $10k seems a little steep. I think most of us lower-budget shooters would be better off with an AF100 and a Ninja or an FS100.

  5. 10K for the complete package I believe is the fair price. I agree about the psychological boundary. This is not going to move any one from there DSLR. Canon has an opportunity to take the market by storm but looks like another mis-step. At 10K, I can foresee people in the budget for AF100’s and FS100 stretch a bit and make the Canon work.

  6. This camera (C300) is the built in filter version of 5D M2 without the FF , nothing extra improvement on it. just added XLR inputs, this must come under $4000.. a good DP never buy this product Canon is a good company i admit that but we should remember they never imagined the 5D M2 will have this much pretty video quality , everything happened just accidentally only & now they finding hardly to improve the quality but ……………….. lets wait 5 months more … hope they will wake up from last 4 years tight sleep..

    1. Author

      Please don’t be offended, but you’re dreaming if you think this camera is ever going to be $4000 or lower. Tons of people who have used it are in love with this camera and believe that it will be appropriately priced (somewhere around $15-16k US)

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