Follow up on Incredible Tilt Shift effect in After Effects

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I hope you've made the time to watch the video in our post “Incredible Tilt Shift effect in After Effects – “Tiny London” by Mario Muth” and since that was so popular, we asked Mario if he'd put together a follow up video showing a bit of how the effects are implemented. Mario set up the video showing you what settings he applied just before he applies them – and then he repeated the same scene at a much faster speed so you can see it more vividly.

Tiny London – Explained

So, how did Mario do this?

(repeat from earlier post) Mario sent us this bit of instruction:

  • each clip is shot using raw images. I use the small or the medium raw in case I need to crop in
  • the picture profile was set to sharp and saturated
  • the actual capture is done by holding down the shutter using a remote for 5 minutes (using burst mode)
  • in terms of positioning, obviously anything that is looking into a scene works and def a sturdy tripod
  • for post, I read everything into Adobe After Effects and in camera raw push up the saturation, the sharpness, clarity and in most cases fill light. In addition I tend to push the blues, reds and greens further. Finally, I add a little bit of lowlight saturation
  • the clips are done at 12fps as the Canon EOS 5D Mark II only manages to capture 3fps in raw in burst mode
  • in terms of size i go for 30% bigger so I can add a ken burns style
  • finally masking the sharp areas and lens blur the rest. For the masks, I include all the items that should be sharp in the perspective.
  • the actual movie was done in fcp 7 as I am most familiar with that. Adding a few ken burns effects and doing alignment with the music
  • finally a vignette from magic bullet to underline the miniature look

Now, go back and watch it again to see it with new eyes:

Incredible Tilt Shift effect in After Effects – “Tiny London” by Mario Muth

Our thanks to Mario for being brave and sharing his techniques!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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