Introducing DitoGear™ PowerBox 75

DitoGear announces the PowerBox 75 – for timelapse and film production

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I imagine this came out of a need that the folks at DitoGear experience themselves (since they shoot so many timelapses etc – if you haven't seen some of their work – watch this!). I can imagine that this would be very helpful for those of you shooting away from home a lot.

Introducing DitoGear™ PowerBox 75

Introducing DitoGearPowerBox 75

DitoGear™ PowerBox 75

We’re proud to introduce the new power system designed for demanding timelapsers’ needs as well as film production crews.

Huge capacity of this unit combined with portability and ruggedized enclosure allow you to power a vast range of devices on a set.

With DitoGearPowerBox 75 you’ll never run out of power during a shoot! But don’t forget to charge it from time to time.


  • 10 independent DC power outlets, 5 outlets with individual switch
  • 2 independent, securely protected DSLR mini-XLR outlets for Canon DSLR and other cameras at 8.2V
  • 3 independent precisely regulated and securely protected XLR power outlets at 2V – 12V, max 2A at 12V
  • 2 unregulated XLR power outlets at 12V, max 5A @ 12V
  • 3 cigarette-plug sockets at 12V, max 5A @ 12V
  • Digital readout of the battery level (percentage and visual bar indicator)
  • Digital readout of the actual current draw (Amps)
  • Digital readout of estimated working time (hours)
  • Audible low battery level alarm
  • Dimmable LCD displays
  • Solid ruggedized enclosure
  • No extra charger needed – just connect the 230V plug directly into the unit
  • Full charging time ~20h
  • Charging process monitoring
  • Compatible with 3rd party common lead-acid batteries


  • VIPOW LP75-12, 12V, 75Ah, lead-acid gel type battery
  • Max current draw: ~25A @ 12V
  • Battery dimensions: 260 x 168 x 221 mm
  • Unit dimensions: 300 x 300 x 340 mm
  • Battery weight: 22,75 kg (50 lbs)
  • Total unit weight: ~25kg (55 lbs)
  • Battery terminal height: 19mm
  • Main fuse: 25A

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