joel condor Canon EOS C300 price

Canon EOS C300 for £9,995? Another indication the price has dropped

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This morning on twitter, we found this post by Joel Condor after he visited Visual Impact in Teddington – and that goes with our earlier post on a possible price drop

“C300 is selling for £9,995”

Google says:

9995 British pounds sterling = 15629.1815 US dollars

We all know that prices fluctuate and that often pricing in Europe is a bit higher than pricing in the USA – so we don't have any firm pricing for the US (has anyone seen any firm commitments we haven't?)

Joel's image

Here's the snip from Joel's image (I rotated it)

joel condor Canon EOS C300 price

joel condor Canon EOS C300 price

What price do you think will be real?

So, there are hints all around that the price is coming down from the stated initial list of $20,000 – where do you think it will settle?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. At 10K euro, all I know is I’ll get one, whatever the conversion to US dollar is.

  2. And if you’re a Canon Professional Services (CPS) member, its possible you could get an additional 10 or 15 percent off, depending on the Canon policy in your country. I know I probably could in Hong Kong, but elsewhere, your mileage may vary. That ‘could’ bring the C300 down to around US$13k, give or take.

  3. I have an XL1 old school. My budget for my next film is 12k that includes an all purpose cinema lens. Cannon should work with filmmakers like me. Indies like are making the innovative films of the 21th century. In the end it will prove very profitable to them to get us to use their products and stick with them.. Other than that I will wait until the scarlet comes down to where I can get lens and the cam for no more than12k.

    It all comes down to this. Cannon’s c300 priced at this level has the potential of capturing a new generation of filmmakers who will make the most dynamic films that generation

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