Burning Man like you’ve not seen before

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You know we get tons and tons of HDSLR movies sent to us (and we show off the best ones on planet5D cinema) – but every now and then one comes in that just makes me say wow – and when Ahmed ElHusseiny sent us his Burning Man videos, well, the words did come out of my mouth. He made two – day and night and we're really pleased to show them to you!

Hope all is well at planet5D! Love the site and wanted to share this short film I shot at Burning Man last September on my 7D. The video has really taken off since I posted it, getting featured on the front page of Vimeo, making it into the staff picks, and quickly climbing to the top of the “most liked”, “most relevant” and “most played” list of burning man videos on the site (and wow, there’s a lot of them!).

Sorry if I’m tooting my own horn but I’m really excited, and more than a bit surprised, at all the positive reactions I’ve been getting and would love to share it with everyone.

Burning Man: Rites Of Passage – Day

Burning Man: Rites Of Passage - Day

Burning Man: Rites Of Passage – Night

Burning Man 2011 - Night

Burning Man 2011 - Night

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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  1. That’s me dressed as the jellyfish in the video and photo above!! haha Can’t believe I randomly stumbled upon this, awesome!

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