A quick summary of the Chronos Film Festival

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We talked a lot about the Chronos Film Festival here on the blog and it is about time that we posted an update on the festival itself.

The big problem is that I missed most of the festival itself because I was invited to the Canon EOS C300 announcement in LA – which was the same day as the beginning of the Chronos festival which was in Albuquerque – so I had to make a quick trip after the Canon announcement and got to Albuquerque just as the presentations ended. But I still had a blast as there was a planned party still for Saturday and heck, I already had the tickets.

The guys tho at INdTV did attend and put together this episode that I can share with you.

INdTV segment

[tentblogger-vimeo 33505957]

My summary

It was a blast! Need I say more? Next year, you should go.

Ok, a little more: it was really fun for me because tho I missed the presentations, I got to do what I love and that was to meet some great people and to talk my fanny off! Kimberly worked her butt off and it showed.

The first event I went to was the Friday dinner – after everyone had spent 2 days enjoying talking about timelapse, it was time to eat and party! And Kimberly picked an interesting place to hold the party – it was set up as an old time “speakeasy” – during the time in the USA called the “prohibition” where alcohol was banned, places popped up where you had to know where they were (there was no sign out front) and had to know the password to get in… but alas, I knew only the location! When I got to where Google maps said the restaurant was, there was a building but no signs. I finally called the phone number in Google and was told I was in the right spot but had to know the password to get in… after a bit of prodding, and assuring them I wasn't a “copper” (slang in the old days for police), I was given the password and told how to get in – but there was a guy at the door who insisted I looked like the police and gave me trouble but finally let me in. It was all quite funny and very entertaining – especially for those of us who had no clue what to expect! And meeting everyone was so much fun!

Saturday was meant to be a shooting day – but we woke to very cold and windy skies with a dash of snow thrown in for good luck. Most of us ended up spending the day sitting in the lobby of the hotel and in the bar and later having the closing party. For me, it was a great way to spend the day after the whirlwind trip to LA for the Canon announcement. I should have taken some video, but quite frankly, I was having so much fun just talking to people, the thought rarely crossed my mind… so you'll have to live with the video from the INdTV folks.

I hope you can make it next year! I'll be sure to talk about it here!

(cover photo credit: snap from the other posts I did on the festival)

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