3 for 3 Nice Clips giveaway from Nice Industries

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Zeke from Nice Industries has selected planet5D to run a quick 3 for 3 giveaway of some Nice Clips! We featured the Nice Clip when they were running their successful kickstarter project and now Zeke wants to help you guys have a great holiday season when you unwrap that present and find that your spouse took your hint and ordered a couple.

They're available from the Nice Industries website or from Adorama if you prefer

Nice Clips packaging

The Video

[tentblogger-youtube 7DmMIYeutHw]


Pretty simple… watch the video and at 0:33 in, listen for the 3 words spoken – and then post them down below in the comments section… you have until midnight Dec 8th (thursday) so get busy! On Friday, we'll randomly select 3 lucky winners who will get 3 packs!

or, get a second entry by posting this tweet (click here to automatically go to twitter with the text):
Win a 3 pack of Nice Clips on planet5D #niceClip via @zeke_kamm rules here: blog.planet5d.com/u71z

and while you're there, follow @zeke_kamm please 🙂

Blogger's Disclaimer: I've gotten nothing but smiles and good vibes from Zeke for posting this… and we'll post your news too if you want… just send me a note

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. At :33 is “.. when you stop…”, but “That’s what happens” at :38 is the better catch phrase.

  2. “stop to look” – or “that’s what happens”, if you grab the slider to pull back the frames the 2 timelines shown are out of sync

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