Product Demo and Giveaway! Okii MC1 USB mini controller for Canon

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As I mentioned the other day, we got our hands on an Okii MC1 USB mini controller and I also have one to give away! They've also updated their follow focus unit (which we also just got our hands on) – but that's a story for a different day.

This could be a great gift idea for someone special (like you! HA).

Please watch the video below and also scroll down to read how you can win one of these!


[tentblogger-vimeo 32670099]

By the way, I've been told that the delay between the clips when doing them in sequence is the longest on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and around a second on the Canon EOS 60D. It all has to do with the internals of the cameras.

Giveaway details!

Entry will be simple – simply post on our planet5D forum and you're entered! And, as an added bonus, each time you post, you'll get another shot at winning! All posts from now until December 15th (based on the time stamp on the planet5D forum server) count. We'll pick the winner on the 16th in a random draw from all the forum posts for the period, and we will ship the product directly to the winner!

You can register to post, but you can also log in with Twitter or Facebook. But once you're in, you'll want to work with others and learn how they're using their equipment. We've got sections for:

We've set up a special thread on the forum for entries into the contest if you don't yet have something to contribute to the other threads. Just post here.

We'd prefer that you post something about yourself, or how you're using the camera; you know, something interesting – something more than just a simple ‘I want to win'… but we'll leave it up to you 🙂 — of course, you can always introduce yourself on the “introductions” thread.

planet5D Forums – a nice place to talk HDSLRs

We know that you have choices on forums, and we have made the planet5D forum very pleasant, we're tough on bashing (remember what mom always said: “if you don't have anything good to say, then don't say it”), the look and feel is easy on the eyes, they're well organized, and you'll have an enjoyable experience.

We're doing this a little bit different than some of the “tweet this and win” contests, it is a tad harder to enter, but we feel this is good for everyone (not everyone has twitter)… and will help raise awareness of our enhanced forums and you'll benefit by having an additional high quality place to interact with other HDSLR users! But if you want to tweet this post, please feel free! There's a tweet icon right up at the top!

Thanks and please let me know if there's anything I can do to enhance your stay at planet5D!

thanks to Okii for giving such a great prize!

Blogger's Disclaimer: Okii is NOT a planet5D sponsor, but they did give us 2 units – one to keep and one to give away.

(cover photo credit: snap from the Okii site)


  1. I like your 5d blog, but I have a nit to pick re the Okii remote controller. I’m surprised that more professional camer-people have not objected to the egonometry and practicality of its design. I used to make my living behind a film or video camera, mostly shooting reportage, events, corporate, industrial, etc. When you’re operating a camera on a tripod it is VERY inconvenient to have to take your right hand off the pan head handle to access camera functions. We actually don’t really need remote control over most of the features listed by Okii. What we NEED is to be able to turn the camera/liveview on and off, and have zoom control. You can focus with your left hand if you don’t have auto focus. ISO, shutter speed, the diaphram, etc. are properly addressed before you turn the camera on. It would be very unusual for you to make any of those changes on the fly, as it were.

    1. As Mitch explains in the video, you can disable all those operation modes that you don’t want or need to use, so it seems perfect for every need, that’s a very smart feature design. You simply disable all you don’t need to change. As far as I’ve seen here and at other posts it’s been mostly designed for rig mount to control the camera near your handle, even when you can use it as a remote release on your hand to do those operations. It seems perfect to me as both options

    2. Did you watch the demo video? The controller offers both live view and digital zoom functions, and has mounting points so you can clamp it to a rig or handle. It would seem to offer exactly what you have described as needing, since you could put it right beside the pan head handle and reach over with your thumb to press the live view or zoom buttons without ever letting go.

  2. Nice product demo… Looks like a great little device for using a remote. I wonder if there is a hack so that you can have continuous recording? I have seen something with Magic Lantern but looks dangerous. Thanks for the change to win this little asset.

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