Has Canon already significantly reduced the list price of the Canon EOS C300?

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Has Canon already reduced the list price of the Canon EOS C300? In a post over on DVXuser, rumors are that Canon has indeed lowered the list price to 12,000 euros – which at current conversions is about $16,000. There's also a post (read down toward the bottom) indicating a “UK dealer is advertising” the price of 12,500 euros (which is much closer to the $20k).

Could street price be even lower?

Quote from DVXuser

Hello, don+t know if it was posted alreadz but this is great news: www.slashcam.de/artikel/Beric…ielgruppe.html
Now the new price fpr europe will be 12000€! They announced it at the europe launch in Berlin! Now I´m really interested in theis camera, because the streetprice should be something like 10000€!!!


Google translation for the slashcam.de post linked above is this:


However, the price reached $ 20,000 in the public eye, whether launched by Canon or brought to Canon. $ 20,000, which would have meant to the current euro-dollar exchange rate is 15,000 euros, waste. The Canon EOS C300 is now available for 12,000 €. The selling is done on both the pro-rail as well as the consumer distribution network, which should provide enough competition among the dealers, so that there would be expected with rapidly declining street prices …

DVinfo post for £12,500

From this DVinfo post, we get another clue:

I don't know if I'm allowed to mention names, but a large UK dealer is advertising the C300 without lens for about £12,500 (excl VAT). Equivalent F3 pricing is just below £10,000 from the same dealer

Now this is exciting!

If this is true, don't you think this will be a much more appealing price point and will this entice you to purchase the Canon EOS C300 over the Red Scarlet or another camera? [source: thanks to a private tweet pointing me to the DVXuser post]

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon)


  1. I think that’s what you call clever marketing, Didn’t the folks at Apple use the same trick to launch the Ipad. The consumers disappointed at the speculated sales price, but in the keynote is was mentioned to be half the price, well for the entry one at least?

    1. I couldn’t agree more. It’s a brilliant marketing ploy. Canon seems to be stepping up their marketing game as well.

  2. IMO still way to expensive. With the announcement of the Red Scarlet Canon NEEDs be be under 10K with this camera. The Red blows the camera out of the way in every way. They really dropped the ball with limiting a 1080 resolution and in the area of the higher frame raters. IDK but as it stands I might but going over to red.

    1. Yeah but you need to buy a lot of stuff to actually shoot something with the Scarlet. The C300 is ready to shoot. And probably the RED will come with a few bugs….

  3. I would probably buy a Sony fs-100 over a Canon C300. Just for the full frame 1080p at 60fps.

    Why doesn’t canon have that feature? It is using a digic 3 processor. Aren’t those incredibly old? Aren’t we at digic 5 now? I expect the possibility of 120 fps at full HD. Why doesnt canon provide this? It’s not like they have a more expensive camera that does have these features for a higher price. Their top camera is under spec’d.

    If the canon had 60fps or even 120 fps, I would prefer it over any camera up till 40.000 Euro.

    1. Fullframe? It’s an S35 sensor… I guess you just mean 1080p at 50/60fps.

      But I agree that Canon missed out on this big time. Also, I think that there will be a 4k RAW video DSLR within 12 months.

    2. The Sony is able to provide 1080p60 in a consumer codec that is not broadcast acceptable. Currently, there is no broadcast standard for 1080p60 material, and so it is not included in the broadcast-acceptable XF codec. In professional environments (which is the target market for the C300, I might add), when overcranking is needed, cameras that are built for the task are brought in, and 60p or 120p is very rarely used. 300p and up is far more common.

      The C300 uses a DigicDV 3 processor, which is the most current processor for video. Still cameras use Digic processors, and the 1Dx will have Digic 5’s. DigitDV and Digic processors are very different and optimized for separate tasks.

    1. Author

      James, you can’t really count the $9750 price of the Scarlet here – because you can’t shoot with it in that mode. As others have shown, you’ve got to spend almost $15000 to make a camera that will work (adding monitor, cards etc)… so let’s use that as a better price to go after.

  4. Even if the price dropped it wouldn’t make a difference because the camera still doesn’t compete in the price range. If anything it brings more attention to the F3 and FS-100 as options.

    As I said before every professional camera looks good to the end user. So now it comes down to professional choice and the Canon just just doesn’t make the cut economically or practically. Red doesn’t have to sell image quality, its a given.

    I think thats why they focused hard on the spec sheet. Its like music Mics it doesn’t matter whether its Audio Tehnica, Apogee, etc…both are good, the end user can’t tell especially after its mixed and mastered, and the audience doesn’t want to tell.

    Thats why I think Canon made a HUGE mistake by focusing on the senor and not making a ‘new’ camera. They just borrowed from their prosumer camcorder line.

    I only value the c300 at $2k. I wouldn’t pay more for it.

    Also RED was already out of reach for most…so no big deal, Its seen as a pro level B camera.

    Does anybody see a role for the C300 yet? I’ve worked on award winning documentaries, shot on the T2i so I know that market could care less.

    1. I work on 2 network shows that already have plans to incorporate C300’s into the workflow next spring. They both shoot Alexa and currently use DSLR’s for C-cams. The C300’s will replace those and be used as B and C cameras.

  5. I’m from the islands and am having a hard time getting C300 info, the main thing for me is 10bit hd-sdi so i know i can at least get a higher quality image later down the road if i so chose with a external recorder ..found this site that says it can & will allow my to pre- order what do u think ..says the us price is $19,000? any truth to this ?


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  8. People are too hung up on bitrates and bit depth. How far are people pushing their images these days?

    From the example films I’ve seen, this camera is more than enough for this price.

  9. If the cost was like 8.000,00 euros I could think about it. But for 12.000 euros 5DMKII is ideal with only 2.000

  10. This is such a Major purchase (Price wise)
    I’m worried about going for it then within the year
    having the value MAJORLY drop due to “The Next Big Thing!”
    Son’y Nex Fs100 is starting to look real good to me right now.

  11. @Canon invite me in at $12,000.00 US and I’ll buy 3 CS300’s
    And I’ll even dedicate my first Doc shoot in your name.

    Now that’s a deal 🙂

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