Has Canon already reduced the list price of the Canon EOS C300? In a post over on DVXuser, rumors are that Canon has indeed lowered the list price to 12,000 euros – which at current conversions is about $16,000. There’s also a post (read down toward the bottom) indicating a “UK dealer is advertising” the price of 12,500 euros (which is much closer to the $20k).

Could street price be even lower?

Quote from DVXuser

Hello, don+t know if it was posted alreadz but this is great news: www.slashcam.de/artikel/Beric…ielgruppe.html
Now the new price fpr europe will be 12000€! They announced it at the europe launch in Berlin! Now I´m really interested in theis camera, because the streetprice should be something like 10000€!!!


Google translation for the slashcam.de post linked above is this:


However, the price reached $ 20,000 in the public eye, whether launched by Canon or brought to Canon. $ 20,000, which would have meant to the current euro-dollar exchange rate is 15,000 euros, waste. The Canon EOS C300 is now available for 12,000 €. The selling is done on both the pro-rail as well as the consumer distribution network, which should provide enough competition among the dealers, so that there would be expected with rapidly declining street prices …

DVinfo post for £12,500

From this DVinfo post, we get another clue:

I don’t know if I’m allowed to mention names, but a large UK dealer is advertising the C300 without lens for about £12,500 (excl VAT). Equivalent F3 pricing is just below £10,000 from the same dealer

Now this is exciting!

If this is true, don’t you think this will be a much more appealing price point and will this entice you to purchase the Canon EOS C300 over the Red Scarlet or another camera?

[source: thanks to a private tweet pointing me to the DVXuser post]

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon)