CrumplePop gives away ShrinkRay X Tilt Shift plugin for FCPX for one week

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Our friends over at CrumplePop are doing something cool – releasing a new FCPX plugin for free for one week – this one looks really cool – ShrinkRay X gives you an awesome tilt shift effect for your video! It is free until Wednesday Nov 23rd. Pick it up now!


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Press Release

Minneapolis, Minnesota – CrumplePop today is pleased to announce ShrinkRay X, a fully-featured tilt-shift effect for Final Cut Pro X. With ShrinkRay X, you can make big scenes appear strikingly tiny, whether it is buildings, people, or landscapes. ShrinkRay X is available as a free download from the CrumplePop web site for one week, starting today, after which the price will move to $75.00.

With ShrinkRay X, you can add mesmerizing tilt-shift effects to any project by simply dragging and dropping inside FCP X. ShrinkRay X was built from the ground-up for Final Cut Pro X, and includes simple on screen controls and a full suite of focal area adjustment tools. Cityscapes, wide shots of crowds, forests, or rivers suddenly appear as mini, toy-like versions of themselves, providing a remarkable new perspective on the physical environment.

“Tilt-shift photographic techniques are at the height of their popularity,” said Jed Smentek, lead designer at CrumplePop. “Even some big-budget films, like The Social Network, have included notable scenes that have used a tilt-shift effect. Our goal with ShrinkRay X was to make the effect accessible to FCP X users, taking full advantage of the improved image processing in FCP X. FCP X has really made it possible for us to create an extremely full-featured tilt-shift simulator.”

CrumplePop ShrinkRay X includes a raft of brand-new features, including:
* A powerful mask view to more quickly and easily see which areas within your frame are blurred and in focus
* Three Focus/Blur Patch tools that help quickly clean up the frame and create photorealistic focus areas
* Precise control over blur magnitude, orientation, and falloff
* Instantly play back a preview after you have applied the effect, thanks to the incredible performance of FCP X

ShrinkRay X supports all codecs, resolutions and frame rates supported by Final Cut Pro X. ShrinkRay X works in Final Cut Pro X only, on Snow Leopard or higher. Users who already have ShrinkRay for FCP 6 & 7 will receive a free upgrade to ShrinkRay X via an updater on the CrumplePop web site.

Pricing and Availability:
For one week, CrumplePop ShrinkRay X can be downloaded for free from the CrumplePop web site. After that, the price will move to $75.00 (USD).

(cover photo credit: snap from the ShrinkRay page)


  1. It would be great to see the same offer for Premiere Pro users. Based on an informal survey at the Masters In Motion conference in Austin, there are a lot more users than I realized. Thanks!

  2. In full agreement on the Premiere Pro comment. So many people are using CS5.5 now, and even older versions, for everything.

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