CrumplePop gives away ShrinkRay X Tilt Shift plugin for FCPX for one week

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Our friends over at CrumplePop are doing something cool – releasing a new FCPX plugin for free for one week – this one looks really cool – ShrinkRay X gives you an awesome tilt shift effect for your video! It is free until Wednesday Nov 23rd. Pick it up now!


Press Release

Minneapolis, Minnesota – CrumplePop today is pleased to announce ShrinkRay X, a fully-featured tilt-shift effect for Final Cut Pro X. With ShrinkRay X, you can make big scenes appear strikingly tiny, whether it is buildings, people, or landscapes. ShrinkRay X is available as a free download from the CrumplePop web site for one week, starting today, after which the price will move to $75.00.

With ShrinkRay X, you can add mesmerizing tilt-shift effects to any project by simply dragging and dropping inside FCP X. ShrinkRay X was built from the ground-up for Final Cut Pro X, and includes simple on screen controls and a full suite of focal area adjustment tools. Cityscapes, wide shots of crowds, forests, or rivers suddenly appear as mini, toy-like versions of themselves, providing a remarkable new perspective on the physical environment.

“Tilt-shift photographic techniques are at the height of their popularity,” said Jed Smentek, lead designer at CrumplePop. “Even some big-budget films, like The Social Network, have included notable scenes that have used a tilt-shift effect. Our goal with ShrinkRay X was to make the effect accessible to FCP X users, taking full advantage of the improved image processing in FCP X. FCP X has really made it possible for us to create an extremely full-featured tilt-shift simulator.”

CrumplePop ShrinkRay X includes a raft of brand-new features, including:
* A powerful mask view to more quickly and easily see which areas within your frame are blurred and in focus
* Three Focus/Blur Patch tools that help quickly clean up the frame and create photorealistic focus areas
* Precise control over blur magnitude, orientation, and falloff
* Instantly play back a preview after you have applied the effect, thanks to the incredible performance of FCP X

ShrinkRay X supports all codecs, resolutions and frame rates supported by Final Cut Pro X. ShrinkRay X works in Final Cut Pro X only, on Snow Leopard or higher. Users who already have ShrinkRay for FCP 6 & 7 will receive a free upgrade to ShrinkRay X via an updater on the CrumplePop web site.

Pricing and Availability:
For one week, CrumplePop ShrinkRay X can be downloaded for free from the CrumplePop web site. After that, the price will move to $75.00 (USD).

(cover photo credit: snap from the ShrinkRay page)

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  1. Stuart McRae

    It would be great to see the same offer for Premiere Pro users. Based on an informal survey at the Masters In Motion conference in Austin, there are a lot more users than I realized. Thanks!

  2. Wil Green

    In full agreement on the Premiere Pro comment. So many people are using CS5.5 now, and even older versions, for everything.

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