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What the heck is this ‘scoop.it’ HDSLR thing?

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Many of you who follow planetMitch on twitter, facebook, google+ etc have seen posts that have a ‘scoop.it' label and probably have wondered what the heck it is – oh, and now you can see it in the right sidebar here on the blog as well.

We're constantly searching the web for HDSLR news to post and sometimes we run into things that may not be interesting enough for a full blog post and maybe isn't covered by another blog we might have on the HDSLR news page, but we've wanted to have a way to let you know about it anyway. Not long ago, I discovered scoop.it and began testing it as a way to show curate HDSLR news and I've grown to like it a lot. It is very easy for me to add info to and has a very nice graphical layout.

I've added the small plugin version to our HDSLR news page as well – again enhancing the HDSLR news page to be your one stop location for all the best HDSLR news on the planet.

I think it is a good addition to our site and I hope you find some useful news there!

HDSLR Scoop.it

This isn't exactly what it looks like on scoop.it – this is a ‘plugin version' – you'll also see the similar format in the right sidebar just below the ads over there ==>


Here's a screen shot of scoop.it HDSLR news:

HDSLR | Scoop.it sample page

HDSLR | Scoop.it sample page

What's your opinion? Helpful? Lame? Sound off in the comments

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