What does music really mean to a timelapse? New Tokyo Canon EOS 5D Mark II Timelapse rocks

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We've covered plenty of timelapse projects and one thing keeps coming back to me (and is exemplified in this Canon EOS 5D Mark II timelapse below) – the music selection makes all the difference in the world – the visuals in this one are very good, but the music is what sets this off to me.

Of course, this is an example as well of using music that isn't approved – at least I don't believe the rights to the soundtrack to “Blade Runner” were procured for this movie. And maybe, some of the atmosphere comes from having seen the movie in the first place. If you haven't seen “Blade Runner” does this video impact you the same way it does me because I'm a fan of the movie?

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vimeo description

A tribute to Ridley Scott and Vangelis, whose atmospheric work on Blade Runner has been a huge source of inspiration in my shooting time lapses, as well as for entire generations of filmmakers. I hope this will make many of you want to revisit (or discover if you haven't yet) this genre-defining movie.

Shot roughly over a year in Tokyo with a Canon 5dmk2, mainly in the Shinjuku area.

Music: “Main Titles” and “Blush Response” from Vangelis' haunting score. It still sends chills down my spine every time I listen to it… my favorite soundtrack to this day. The new 3-cd remaster is well worth getting: itunes.apple.com/​us/​album/​blade-runner-trilogy-music/​id274024314

More information on the process here: season9.wordpress.com/​2010/​08/​06/​floating-point-an-interview-with-samuel-cockedey/​

Please watch in HD with sound on!


[source: gizmodo]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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