Switronix Torch LED Bolt

Switronix announces Torch LED Bolt

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Switronix announces a new Torch LED Bolt – a light they claim it is “the light that will change everything” – quite a bold claim eh? Here's their promotional flyer and below is the press release – does it live up to the claim?

Switronix Torch LED Bolt

Switronix Torch LED Bolt


(October 05, 2011) – Long Island, NY – Announcing the Torch LED BOLT (part # TL-BT200), the newest addition the Switronix’s line of versatile Torch LED lights.

Striking with the ability to change between variable color temperature outputs of 5600K and 3200K, the TorchLED BOLT out shines the competition. The TorchLED Bolt allows you to switch between 3200K and 5600K with the touch of 2 On Board Dimming controls (5%-100%), with no noticeable shift in color. The TorchLED Bolt gives a genuine 200 watt light output (7300lux at 2ft, and 3800lux at 1m), with the brightness and throw (40 to 50 feet) of an actual Halogen light in LED form. For event vidoegraphers, DLSR video production and more, The TorchLED Bolt serves as not only an on-camera lighting solution but can be positioned on a light stand for use as “sun gun”.

Switronix Torch LED Bolt

Switronix Torch LED Bolt

With its superior brightness the TL-Bolt can even be used outdoors where fill lighting is needed. With the convenient on/off switch, you have the ability to maintain your light settings even when powering off the unit. For powering options, The TorchLED BOLT comes included with a Powertap Cable for DC Powering off of a standard 14.4v brick battery, as well as a built in Sony L-series battery sled. The TL-Bolt also comes with a carrying case, a snap on filter holder, one Diffusion Gel and for on-camera mounting capabilities a 1/4-20 swivel Hot Shoe Mount.

Switronix Torch LED Bolt kit

Switronix Torch LED Bolt kit

“We’re very excited, we’ve been working on it for some time and it encompasses every feature an LED light should have. ”- Says Switronix product specialist Daniel Moore. He continued to say, “We receive input daily from cameramen still not satisfied with the throw of LED lights but utilizing this new LED technolgy should gain their approval.” Moore making reference to the Bolt’s 40 to 50 foot light throw.


  • Material of Light Housing: Black, ABS
  • Dimensions: 5.59″L × 4″W × 2.95″H (Light Body)
  • Color Temperature: 3000K-6000K
  • Illumination: Approx. 1800LUX(3200K, 1m), 2000LUX(5600K, 1m), combined over 200w output equivalent
  • Weight: 1.15lbs.
  • Electrical Consumption: 16w
  • Power Supply: DC 7.2V-16.8V, Sony DV Battery
  • Light Adjustment: PWM (pulse width modulation)
  • Dimming Range: 5%-100%
Switronix Torch LED Bolt Stand

Switronix Torch LED Bolt Stand


Over the past decade, Switronix has established itself as one of the most prominent suppliers of batteries and charging solutions in the professional film and video industry. Switronix’s line also includes superior LED lighting, camera supports, converter cables, and accessories. For more information about Switronix, please visit switronix.com.

Buy one? Does it live up to the claim?

If you want, they're available now over on B&H here

Blogger's Disclaimer: Switronix has been a planet5D advertiser but isn't now, but we'll print all sorts of HDSLR related news – just let us know!

(cover photo credit: snap from the Switronix team – other photos from them as well)


  1. If I were in the market for such a product (which I’m not), I would be turned off by Switronix’ illiterate and self-contradictory product description.

    I’m curious as to how this device can have 200W output. Or does Switronix mean the light output of a 200W incandescent lamp (about 10W for conventional, at least twice that for tungsten-halogen)? Note that the claimed power consumption is 16W, not 200W. Does this device absorb energy from a parallel universe?

    I’m also curious as to how the color temperature can be changed with the “On Board” (good thing we don’t have to buy “Out Board” controls!) dimming controls. This is particularly strange, considering that changing the output is claimed not to change the color temperature.

    Mr Moore, aren’t you aware that literate people are bothered by ads that reveal the writer has no understanding of how to put together a logical statement? Ads that are grossly mispunctuated (eg, non-proper nouns are not capitalized in English)? Please find — and pay — a qualified technical writer — who understands photography — to edit your advertising & product literature. It would greatly help your company’s image.

  2. Whoops… I meant 20W. Conventional incandescents are about 10% efficient.

  3. William,

    I think you might not know a thing when it comes to copy writing.

    While your comment is constructive, it also makes you look like a dick. I’m pretty excited to see what this light can do.

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