Rumors heating up – could the next EOS be a 1D Mark 5 not a 1Ds4 or 5D3?

by planetMitch2 Comments just posted this CR2 rumor post: “Next EOS not a 1Ds4 or 5D3…. could be a 1D Mark 5?

What I do know

The next EOS camera will NOT be a 5D Mark III.
The next EOS camera will probably not be a 1Ds Mark IV. Probably is the key word here, it could change.
The next EOS camera will not be an APS-C camera.

What’s left?
A new model camera introduced to the lineup, or a replacement of a current camera. I’m currently leaning towards a replacement of the 1D Mark IV.

Please read the rest of the post as there's more – including a spec list!

Announcements coming

Here are the things we know are coming up – whether they mean there's a DSLR behind them we do NOT know…

(cover photo credit: snap from the fake 5D3 commercial several weeks ago)


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