podcast #58 – a mini review of Industry Tape

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We got our hands on some great new tape to replace gaffer tape or duct tape called Industry Tape – and we got a bit silly this time (my kids will tell you I'm often like this, but most times I act more ‘adult' when making my podcasts and this time I just sort of let it all hang out… hope you don't think I'm too weird haha)

Our mini review

[tentblogger-vimeo 31085367]

This really seems like it is a great replacement for many kinds of tape as it doesn't seem to leave any sticky residue but yet still sticks in most situations – even in moist bathrooms. Find them at industrytape.com/

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  1. OK, that Industry Tape is cool. But look at the size roll you get for 17 bucks. Half the size of a roll of TecNec or Permacel gaffer tape. So in effect it costs twice as much. Not a good value ,in my opinion.

    1. Author

      Bill, you know, that’s a good point and one I didn’t even think to look up before I posted. It is a bit steep on the price side now that I look at the prices.

    2. Hi Bill,

      We appreciate your feedback. As you may know this is not the first time someone has brought this to our attention… We have found that most Grips, Rigging Gaffers, and best boy’s tend to use about 1/2 of your traditional gaffer tape. This is because the half of a roll of traditional gaffer tapes become waste from:

      – “sticking to itself” (IT tape does not stick to itself).
      – “cannot be repositioned” (IT tape can be re-used / re-positioned many times)
      – “loss of tackiness” (IT tape sticks until you throw it away)
      – “turning into a solid gooey mess” (IT tape has no shelf life- easy release and perfect tear – always)

      With Industry Tape, you cut down half the waste.

      The biggest advantage is that our tape leaves no residue, which is important to many professionals as it eliminates the need for them to remove the tacky /sticky mess left by other tapes thus saving time and money.

      Please see some links below where others have highlighted some of these features.

      Tape being used during surfing, jet skiing, on set:

      Testimonial from Sheila studio electrician from Local 728: vimeo.com/29502103

      Testimonial from Jared Abrams (cinematographer in Hollywood): wideopencamera.com/cameras/industry-tape-zero-residue-gaff-and-camera-tape/

  2. A six minute video about tape? C’mon. Thirty seconds, maybe a minute, but 6 minutes?

  3. I ordered a roll, just to see if it’s useful in the studio. It does seem a little expensive, but if it’s not worth the cash, they allow a return for a full refund.

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