Is this the solution to losing your lens cap? Help fund the solution

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If you've ever lost a lens cap you might think this is the best thing since sliced bread – and Zeke would be thrilled for you to help him fund this project on KickStarter – but the advantage is you also could have a solution for losing cords off the back of your desk as well.

Zeke is also the brains behind the “Strobist Favorites Gallery – Trade Secret trading cards” we posted a few months ago.

kickstarter video

Help Zeke

please jump over to think about funding this project on KickStarter
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  1. This is really stupid solution or maybe its a joke 🙂 Its much safer to put the lens cap in your pocket… I allways do it and never lost one 🙂

  2. In shooting for 50+ years I’ve never lost a lens cap from my pocket.

    Use bulldog (binder) clips in your multi-sizes of choice for cable control – see here: LIFEHACKING Netherlands – no it’s not an ad just a cheap, simple, readily available great idea.

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