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We got this fun submission over the weekend from Abraham Joffe (untitled film works) and just had to share it with you! It is all in fun, yet it is so well done some folks have taken it seriously… “Philip Boom” – ha! LMAO!

the iPhone report

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Abraham Joffe writes:

Jason Magbanua spoke at the “Exposed Down Under” Cinematography event in Melbourne this July on the powers of buzz marketing. He described how it had helped along his business and exposure in the wedding and event filmmaking world. He is well known for his off-beat advertising ideas and constantly stands out through innovative marketing.

I like many, have seen the rise of the DSLRs and how better and better tools keep coming our way. Its truly an exciting time to be in the industry. And concurrently, there is this somewhat annoying advance of smart phones and tablets pushing themselves as serious camera devises.

The convenience factor is undeniable, but I think its a shame that so many people in the general public are now not opting to buy themselves a half decent camera and rely on their phone.

So there was the seed for the iphone cinema piece .. the bringing together of these two worlds.

iPhone cinema - exposed! (photo by inlighten photography)

iPhone cinema - exposed! (photo by inlighten photography)

One member of our team, Alfio Stuto, is quite known for his impressions, so the ideas for an iphone cinema spoof flowed quite easily.

We had experienced some great exposure for shooting the first 3D wedding in Australia last July. The behind the scenes film clip got huge exposure and led to news storys, magazine articles and more.
Innovation is not only great for marketing but also lead to breakthroughs into different markets.

Through the 3D shoot and subsequent articles and “web-inars” we recently got contacted to shoot a 3D cultural film in Saudi Arabia. You never know who is watching these things.

What we found unbelievable is that Channel 10 news (of our Australia’s largest stations) ran the iphone story as a serious piece of reporting. “Smart Phones” are now saving people thousands as they deliver “cinema quality” recordings for the average person, said the voice over.

iPhone cinema - exposed! (photo by inlighten photography)

iPhone cinema - exposed! (photo by inlighten photography)

While we don’t expect any iphone related work to come from this, it has been a lot of fun.

Our team was one of the first here in Sydney to start shooting with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and like for many studios, it has helped us reinvent our business. We also gathered a lot of momentum by getting in early with this new technology.. people had not seen weddings produced this way before here in Aus.

Now with nearly all studios competing in the same market with these wonderful 35mm sensor cameras, there is more pressure than ever to keep reinventing your work and your marketing.

iPhone cinema - exposed! (photo by inlighten photography)

iPhone cinema - exposed! (photo by inlighten photography)

(cover photo credit: snap from the folks at inlighten)


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  2. The quality is not very good. this is just another type 35mm DOF Adapter. Is there any Vibrating motor?what kind of the focus screen they are using?

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