Hollywood has seen the future, and it’s HDSLR + Redrock! Win a Redrock Rig!

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This is cool – I've seen the promos for the new movie “Real Steel” but I wasn't aware that they're featuring Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs and Redrock Micro gear visually in the movie itself! I had a conversation yesterday with Brian from Redrock and he told me how the moviemakers called him asking if they could use Redrock gear in the movie – and since it is set in the future, they must be thinking that HDSLRs are going to be the wave of the future – and be effective news gathering tools for a long long time.

UPDATE:A couple of commentors have seemed to get the wrong impression – the “Real Steel” movie was not shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II but used them as props in the movie itself.

Real Steel - Win a Redrock Micro rig on planet5D

Real Steel - Win a Redrock Micro rig on planet5D

Hollywood has seen the future, and it's DSLR + Redrock!

The latest Hollywood blockbuster – “Real Steel” starring Hugh Jackman – opens today (Friday Oct 7th) nationwide. This movie marks a significant milestone in DSLR history since it's the first time Hollywood producers have used Canon DSLRs *in the movie itself*!!

The Dreamworks team decided that in the same future where fighting robots is the new entertainment, video and press are all using Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs (though by then maybe they are 5D MKVIIIs?!) outfitted with Redrock rigs. check out the film in your local theaters this weekend and see how many times you can spot DSLR rigs (hint: it's usually when the press are swarming Hugh Jackman). We here at planet5D have certainly seen plenty of productions with DSLRs behind the scenes or being used to shoot the movie, but this is the first time we've seen a big budget Hollywood flick using them as part of the movie itself. cool!

Win a Redrock Micro rig!

To celebrate “The future is DSLR + Redrock”, planet5D is doing an exclusive contest with Redrock Micro to win a Redrock rig of your choice! To enter you simply need to tweet

“the future is #DSLR + @redrockmicro You can win #RedrockRealSteal on planet5D here: blog.planet5d.com/njd

(Note: click on this link to go to twitter with the text of the tweet – thanks Daniel!)
and you'll be entered. Winner selected at random, and the contest runs through noon Central Time (which is where I live in St. Louis) on Oct 28th.

In the meantime, you can check out some of redrock's awesome gear at store.redrockmicro.com

Fine Print

  • Giveaway is open worldwide
  • You MUST follow both @planetMitch and @redrockmicro to be eligible
  • You must tweet the contest entry as shown above
  • if you don't have a twitter ID – post a comment below to be eligible telling us how much you'd like to win
  • There's an upper limit of $2000 on the rig you can select
  • the contest ends at NOON (12 pm CT USA) on October 28th
  • the random winner must provide a valid email reply to planetMitch by Noon CT November 1st or we'll pick again

Pretty simple eh?

When you watch the movie, come back and post how many 5D2 and Redrock rigs you spotted

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Mitch i’m afraid i dont understand, if i dont have a twitter ID i can still enter by posting here?

    do i still have to ‘follow’ you and redrock on twitter?
    how can i do that without an ID?

  2. I would really Love to win this!!! winning this will help me a lot on starting my projects!!

  3. I want to win this much! (You can’t see it but I’m holding my hands wide.) It will really help me with my projects.

  4. Hi Mitch!

    If I win the Redrock Rig – I will support my cousin! He is a student and (hopefully) an upcoming Filmmaker.

    I always support him with my Equipment but I dont own a rick! And to buy one it´s to Expensive. – I own a 7D with some L-lenses. Aber ich filme damit kaum – I only do photo with it. — Filming is the job of my Cousin!

    And he do it well!
    His latest Project was “Irratio” – a short movie. Filmed with a Canon EOS 7D
    Watch the Trailer on www.irratio.at.tf/

    Other Project you can find on www.vimeo.com/mks/videos

    best regards

  5. I’m kinda with Christian, why is it every chance to win something you either need Twitter or FaceBook, I have neither. Why not, if you post to this thread by a certain date, all names are thrown into a hat. What happened to the good old days!

  6. I’d love to win a Redrock rig because the ideas are appearing in my brain faster than the $$$ are appearing in my wallet.

  7. I would love to win a Redrock rig! I really like the setups they have, but just can’t afford one!

    Thanks Redrock and Planet5D for the chance to win!


  8. Actually Mitch, I believe the movie “Expendables” (with Stallone) uses a Canon DSLR in one scene where they are doing survailance.

  9. Can’t wait to see the movie shot with the 5D and Redrock, very cool.

  10. I would love to win this rig so I can use it to shoot my short films and other projects in the works.

  11. I would love to win this photo gear!! My equipment is so out of date: Canon 20D & video camera. Having this equipment would enable me to share my vision with an audience.

  12. I want this Redrock package because I have had to purchase all of my current gear by donating plasma. It would be awesome to not have to sell portions of my body to get some nice, new gear. Thanks!

  13. GOOD GOD MAN, please put my name in the hat. I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook either. I’m POOR as hell and would love to own a RedRock. Renting them sucks.

  14. So far I see people posting wanting, needing, wish me luck, I’m poor, lastly the modesty plea. I decided to give it a shot, I NEED, WANT, DESIER LOL!! Totally awesome, I been a fan of Planet 5D for a few years now so I guess this is my kiss ass, smooching, on keens I give you a cheeseburger frantic plea to lazy to have a Twitter account post. Thanks!


  15. I would love to win this redrock rig so I can start decent videography with my 7D!

  16. Very nice giveaway!

    I would certainly LOVE to win one of those rigs.

    After making lot of DIY rigs and supports that somewhat “work” (after so many tweaks and hard work, though) but don’t deliver the best possible capturing quality, ease and versatility of use; it would be FANTASTIC to get the REAL stuff!!


  17. Winning this rig would be like getting an Oscar! Specially because with a rig like that I am expecting to film award winning quality with ease!

  18. I desperately need some more RR gear, just got off my first feature and am going into preproduction on the next one.

    spent all my $ on a cooke zoom, and need to more rr gear!

  19. I have a project coming up that requires a HDSL rig, and RR would be a great choice. But I also need a new lens, so the best bet would be your sponsorship in the form of a new RR rig.

  20. “the future is #DSLR + @redrockmicro You can win #RedrockRealSteal on planet5D here: blog.planet5d.com/njd
    I have always enjoyed film making in general, as a great way to spend free time on. It’s the best way of interpreting dreams to reality…”living the dream”…

    Owning or even having the chance to use a 15mm rail system has always been a dream, especially well built rigs from redRock.

    I’m always a fan of simple DIY stuffs, just to be able to go around my hobby. Thinking of purchasing any 15mm rail system is very very costly to me due to the huge currency conversion rates in Malaysia.

    Most of my mini shorts were film with my trusty Nikon D90, and when ever I do get the chance, I borrow my friend’s 5Dmk2 to enjoy it’s great Dynamic Range capabilities.

    Do check out my work whenever time permits, and share it with the world 🙂

    If I do win this chance, I would utterly be grateful to everyone, having the opportunity to own a proper industry-standard rig, and I will, to the best of my abilities, improve on my personal skills and experience in film making.

    If not, life still goes on… and I congratulate to whom ever that is lucky to be the winner 🙂

    Vince Cheong,

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