Dan Chung’s first hands on preview of the Canon EOS-1D X

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Our friend Dan Chung from Dslrnewsshooter.com has produced one of the first hands on video reviews of the new Canon EOS-1D X camera. There are some interesting tidbits included…

  • No line skipping in video – uses whole sensor (4:50)
  • Very little rolling shutter (5:00)
  • No clean output but there's no blackout and no frame rate drop either (6:10)
  • Still a division between HDSLRs and the video cameras with HDMI out (6:25)
  • Some samples of the new menus and audio controls (7:05)
  • Display of audio levels and using silent controls (7:25)
  • Can use shutter button to start/stop movie recording (and use remote controls) (9:00)
  • Time code options (9:40)
  • New dedicated button for magnifying image (10:45)

Dan's Video

[tentblogger-vimeo 31175496]

Dan's description

I’ve been at the Canon Pro Solutions show in London this week and was lucky enough to get a full run through of the video features of the Canon EOS-1D X from Mike Burnhill. I was allowed to shoot with the camera but sadly I could not take the video away. For me one of the great things is that the camera works with many of the existing 5D mkII accessories as you can see in the video. Sadly the camera is not available until March 2012.

Mike Burnhill of Canon Europe talks to Dan Chung about the video features of the just launched Canon EOS-1D X camera.

Video by Felix Clay and Sam Morgan Moore.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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  2. They really need a way to monitor the audio. That is such a deal breaker for this rig. I’m pretty shocked and very disappointed that there is no headphone jack — watching levels is not proper monitoring.

    1. That’s pretty funny, because any video professional would say that recording audio straight into a DSLR like such wouldn’t give you anywhere close to proper audio quality, period, much less “proper monitoring”. Proper monitoring–whose purpose is so that you can make adjustments–would come through your mixer.

  3. So Canon have launched the latest in the EOS 1D line-up. I have to ask myself the question – ?have they finally shot themselves in the foot with this one?
    I was under the, obviously deluded, impression that a top of the range, full frame, DSLR was for taking photographs!! On this basis the EOS 1D-X manages to REDUCE the pixel count to a point where it is lower than the EOS 550D!, it further seems to concentrate on “video” instead of its core purpose of taking photographs!
    I am sure that Nikon will be laughing all the way to the bank. Their D3X is vastly superior to this latest offering from Canon and the Nikon lenses are cheaper, like for like, than the equivalent Canon optics.
    I can foresee some wealthy enthusiasts buying the Canon, but as the professional photographers buy upgraded kit I am sure that they will look to Nikon in the future to get the high quality that they require.
    I hope that I am wrong! But I don’t think I am!

    1. There will never cease to be a host of people who fall for the marketing hype of more and more MPs. I think finally Canon’s engineering department won over their marketing dept.

      So they sacrificed a few MPs (which most people don’t need nor want) for great looking higher ISOs (which most people do want).

  4. I’m a long time Canon user and always travel with a 1DSIII and a 5DII.  If Canon has managed to combine the best of both into one unit, I’d definitely be interested in field testing the new 1DX.  For me, the real test will be a shootout between Nikon and Canon and compare noise levels with regards to ISO. Admittedly I’ve always been a little envious of Nikons ability to bring home amazing shots at ridiculously hi ISO settings.  I’m happy to see Canon stepping up that side of things.  As far as video goes, I’m interested in the improvements over the 5D and again look forward to field testing … and like most (I hope!!), I only use the audio off the Canon for reference.  Digital field recorders & proper micing techniques are the way to go if your serious about audio.….  time code is a bonus as well.

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