@stillmotion short film contests continue – September is different tho

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continuing the planet5D and stillmotion partnership, stillmotion has announced a different theme in their series of film contests. This is something they've been doing for a while and we're going to be working together to not only promote the contest, but planet5D will host the discussion about the videos while stillmotion will host the contest itself. Rules are here and more info: stillmotion blog

Contest starts NOW and concludes july 11th, 1PM EST – so get busy!

The new contest

let's face it, there are a ton of workshops out there these days and it seems like more are getting added every day. when we looked at doing a joint workshop with kevin shahinian and joe simon the central question was ‘how can we create a unique and valuable experience?'. i can't speak for kevin and joe, but i can say that i am personally way too busy to get involved in these types of things unless i feel we can make a real and meaningful impact on everybody that joins. what excites me about this opportunity is to teach alongside two other accomplished filmmakers who have both got to where they are doing things in a way that is quite different from our path. it is said that there is no ‘one right way' to doing anything and that, to me, is the thesis of these two days. by exploring our different techniques, beliefs, and workflows it is my hope that we can create a healthy debate and push everybody involved to  challenge everything they thought they knew about event cinema (including ourselves).

in that vein we have a new short film contest ready to roll. rather than go with the same idea of a one word theme we've decided to instead ask you to make a film that answers this central question ‘what inspires your cinema?' (in 30 to 60 seconds). we ask that the central message of your film relates to your own motivation but please take creative liberties in how that message is delivered. explore non-traditional ways of speaking, try to think in visual metaphors, and remember that a simple answer can be an effective answer. not only is this an exercise in storytelling, the process of self-exploration is equally challenging and valuable. after the films are in we'll have more to share on this question and why we think it is so important.

up for grabs are two free seats at our event cinema workshop in boston or chicago, one chosen by stillmotion and the other chosen by popular vote. kevin and joe will also choose their favorite films and those entrants will be entitled to 50% off registration (regular admission is $1,950 US).

theme | answer the question ‘what inspires your cinema?' in 30-60 seconds.

deadline | entries are due september 16th. winners will be announced september 19th.

send your entry to [email protected]. view full contest rules here.

the event cinema workshop will be in chicago october 3-4th, and in boston october 6-7th. you can read more about ECW here.

as always, all entries will receive written feedback (by us, kevin, or joe).

let the exploration begin.


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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