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“Masters In Motion” – a Filmmaker’s feast of knowledge and 3 day workshop

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If you're an HDSLR (or any kind of camera) filmmaker, you're going to want to get to the recently announced 3 day workshop “Masters in Motion” with some amazing speakers any way you can – plane, train, or automobile! It will be November 14-16 in Austin Texas!

It is being put together by shoot.edit.learn (Cristina Valdivieso + Jon Connor) and Kessler Crane.

And, HURRY! Early bird pricing is available until September 12th! (Save $150).

Masters in Motion flyer

After you see the front page, you'll want to be there! Look at this lineup!

An excerpt from the FAQ

Q. What is the format of the workshop?

A. Each workshop day, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be lecture based. We’ll be at the Alamo Drafthouse from about 10-5 for tons of education and yes, we will have loads of gear for you to check out. After the workshop join us as we soak in the Austin nightlife and network.

Q. What can I expect to learn?

A. The goal of this workshop is to go beyond specific cameras and delve into more advanced filmmaking topics. We’ll have the industry’s best covering varios topics such as lighting theory, advanced audio, storytelling, production workflow, and much more to be announced on September 12th.

Q. Who should attend the workshop?

A. Masters In Motion is geared towards filmmakers who are ready to take the next step and elevate their productions. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, our line up of some of the best in the industry will have something for everyone. Regardless of  whether you’re a documentary, commercial, wedding filmmaker, or even if you’re just doing it out of love, you will leave armed with the knowledge you need to progress.

Q. How long is the Early Bird rate available?

A. The early bird rate of $695 expires on September 12, 2011 at midnight.

Q. When should I arrive in Austin?

A. Definitely plan on arriving on Sunday. We will have a welcome party Sunday night where you’ll be able to pick up your badges and enjoy a little mingling with fellow attendees and some of the presenters.

Q. When should I leave Austin?

A. Wednesday night we’ll have a big closing party that you will not want to miss so plan on flying home Thursday.

Q. Is hotel included workshop fee?

A. No. We’ve secured a great rate at The Omni hotel for $159. Give them a call at 1-800-THE-OMNI and mention “Masters in Motion” to reserve your room.

via FAQ | Masters In Motion.

Doesn't that look like some great material?

I'm thinking about going – what about you?

(cover photo credit: snap from the Masters in Motion site)


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  1. I think the term filmmaker s being missused by all those gentlemen… Masters of many things, sure… Selfpromotion, use of internet, passion for sharing, awesome photographers, great cameramen… But, please, filmmaking used to be something else.
    Can we go back before people started thinking that things like Reverie were filmmaking? Please!

      1. Good on you Ringo that you have balls enough to put your name to a comment rather than “Dan”, who is a Master of hiding behind the internet! :)

        1. Well, some people prefer anonymity. I think that’s ok, since it doesn’t change the content of what they’re writing. And I can’t see the point in criticising it.

          1. Author

            Ringo, I’ll contradict you on that – I do believe the anonymity of comments does change the content of what they write. Anonymity gives the ability to write something they don’t have the guts to say to someone’s face. See it all the time on the ‘net

          2. @planetmitch – whether they/we have the balls, or not – it’s still what they/we were thinking. by demanding real names you just cut off the opinions of those – for whatever reason – haven’t got a pair. yeah, it takes balls to stand by everything you say or do with your real name – be it blowing of steam in a hurtful post, be it voting in an election or be it talking about your job income (a big taboo, where i come from). still, what do you prefer – a society where everyone can say everything – and hide behind a mask if they’re afraid of the consequences. or a society where only the daring, secure and generally: the ones who got an healthy portion of self esteem from their parents – are allowed to speak

          3. Author

            Anonymous (tho I do have an email address for you – thanks for that) – I contend that the Internet would be a better place if everyone wrote about someone as if that someone were standing right in front of them and they were having a personal conversation. This anonymity that you speak of is indeed important in things like voting and things you mention. But in posting on the ‘net – if people wouldn’t “blow off steam in a hurtful post” in the first place and talked in constructive tones, we’d all be a lot better off. Maybe we’d even stop wars… ok, I’m dreaming now! HAHA

  2. Dan

    I am curious. How do you define that term? I know these people well and they are filmmakers. It is of course your right to disagree!

    A filmmaker is someone who makes films, I think it’s your definition of what a film is is what you have issue with? It comes across as maybe your definition is rather snobby?

    Kind regards


  3. Really?

    I am probably the most vocal of the group and have no issue in saying what I think.

    First. The name was not chosen by us. I wanted something much ruder but was told no, it’s a bloody name of an event for gods sake. Who cares!

    I am sure that when I say I would never call myself a master but a student the others would agree. We are always learning. Until the moment i retire i will be learning and inprovng. Always new stuff to learn! Not sure students in motion is a great selling name!

    If you have such an issue with the term that is totally up to you but there are far more important things to take issue with in life. If this is important to you then who am I to say save your time and energy for something else?

    Personally i would go to this event even (especially!) if i wasn’t a presenter. These guys are the new generation and to have them all in one room at one time is pretty fantastic. If they lost the Bloom fella I agree it would be much better. He is more of a Muppet in Motion!

    Anyway take care and thanks for calling me a master of something. Quite a compliment but I am far from that. There has never been a big plan. I wrote a blog to share my experiences people visit it. Cool. As long a people enjoy the blog and I continue to get the shooting jobs then it’s a win all round no?

    Gotta go. Feel a motion coming in. Must have been that curry earlier! :)

  4. Honestly, Do people not have anything better to do than pick apart the name of an event. Bloom & LaForet are both frontrunners in a new generation of filmmaking. Marketing themselves via the internet is common place in this day.

    If you’re gonna leave a comment, “Put your name on it!!”

    1. Edward, marketing via internet isn’t the topic.

      Have you read the note about the format of the workshop?
      “we will have loads of gear for you to check out.”

      In my childhood salesmen for vacuum cleaners used to come to our place to show us their products. We didn’t have to pay for this.
      Of course, nobody has to pay for the workshop, and presumably they will learn something, too.

      But all these “filmmakers” work for companies, some bigger, some smaller. And the companies pay them, of course. So basically, they are salesmen.
      Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being a salesman. But to call these men filmmakers or even masters insults people like Nuno Rocha (, for example. Him I would call a master, because he doesn’t only show nice images, he tells stories on top of that.

      Does someone, who thinks “Master” is just a word, also think, movies are just images?

      1. Hi there!

        As one of the organizers of the the event I just wanted to chime in and clarify a few things…

        First, I apologize if anyone doesn’t approve/appreciate/understand our use of the terms “filmmaker” and/or “masters.”

        Next, and most importantly, this event is NOT all about gear. We, the organizers, have been to tons of education events that are setup in a similar way and that is the last thing we wanted. As you can see on our schedule on the event website, each presenter will be covering topics that are not gear specific. Rather, they are covering advanced techniques that are relevant to filmmaking. However, it is impossible to expect someone to talk about sound or lighting and not mention specific gear that they use.
        The only time we will go into gear is during the electives on Wednesday afternoon where people will have a chance to work with different presenters and learn about filming with the Phantom Flex, Red Epic, and advanced timelapse techniques.
        YES, there will be tons of gear for people to check out but that is NOT the focus of this event

        If you have any other question/concerns/complaints feel free to e-mail me at

        Again, I apologize if you have been offended by our event.


      2. Author

        Ringo – I don’t agree with you at all but respect your right to raise the questions – as we’ve shared via email, it is your tone that bothers me the most and tho this is better than the other comment, it still demeans other people.

        Of course, if sponsors are going to put up some of the money to fund the conference making it a lower cost for people to attend, they want to show off some of their gear. And the vacuum sales guy didn’t do it just for your entertainment – he wanted you to buy. Sure he didn’t charge you, but the costs for him visiting all those people who didn’t buy were certainly included in the price of the product.

        And you said “these “filmmakers” work for companies” – they don’t make their full time living from companies like Kessler (a sponsor of the masters seminar) – they do get some income from going out to train people – but I don’t think any of them would appreciate being called salesmen – they’re paid to teach and share knowledge and they’ll all tell you they discuss all kinds of gear – not just the gear that they might be sponsored by – and they all will tell you the good and bad things about that gear.

        Now, your definition of “filmmaker” seems to be much different than mine and I strongly disagree that calling these gentlemen filmmakers ‘insults people’ — they are indeed masters of their craft and are the top of the field of HDSLR filmmakers – we could spend all day arguing over these comparisons… and I do enjoy the movies that Nuno makes. Everyone is different.

        let’s move on and leave it to the readers themselves to decide if “masters” applies and let’s talk nicely about these people – because they are people and deserve respect whether you think they are ‘masters’ or not.

      3. Ringo,

        Last comment from me as your attitude is highly disrespectful and doesn’t really deserve a response. But in case anyone here actually wants to go to Masters in Motion I am sure you have actually checked out the schedule and seen the seminars are NOTHING about gear. I for example am talking about documentary filmmaking practices, interview techniques then on a separate day about how use of post colour can enhance your work.

        There is a few hours in the last afternoon where people get to see some advanced timelapse gear in action and play with it, see how slow motion is shot with advanced slow motion cameras and get an EPIC camera overview with my and Vince.

        So, let’s not let facts get in the way of our comments shall way Ringo?

        Anyway. Last thing I am saying on the subject. There are nice, polite people out there who are asking me questions right now that have a great can do attitude. I would rather be in their company thanks.

  5. Author

    Sorry guys for letting things get stirred up – I often purge comments that don’t come with a proper email address – but I let the first comment come in without checking it properly.

    I take a lot of pride in the vast majority of positive and supportive comments that come in from our readers.

  6. Lets see we have a Pulitzer prize winner here, an experienced camera man who has worked on real films and documentaries for years as the cinematographer, a dude who not just edits well but produces some of the most compelling content in the world with hi speed cams and timelapse. And people who can actually say that they are creators of narrative content.

    Are they film makers? Yes… they are the latest breed, those who have the internet as an outlet and behind the scenes create tons of for hire work that never gets seen by the average vimeo joe.

    Kubrick, Lean, Spielberg, Hitchcock, Cameron, Wells, those were film makers also but they were visionaries that shaped what the art of it could be elevated too. It is unfair to round up all filmmakers in the world in one group.

    There are doers and there are talkers, 99% of DSLR fans are more of the talker type. I earn my living with DSLRs and while I’m not a film maker even when my work has been in released films, documentaries and commercials, I am a permanent a student of it to maybe one day try to get a little closer to creating something that could be cataloged that.

    Every highly successful film has had a huge jump of marketing behind it to succeed and every auteur out there knows that the best film with no propaganda behind it will linger and die.

    The people on this list are doers and proven ones at that, and they are humble enough to say that they learn new stuff every day and want to share that with the rest of the community as a way to create a spark and at the same time some extra income. If you actually saw what the revenue on these things leaves after the gear, travel and other costs you would be easily inclined to say that they do it more for the rush of sharing the craft than to make an extra buck.

  7. Philip,

    I think Dan’s gripe is directed towards the “prosumer” trend that has arisen with the DSLR hype. You can’t deny there is a large amount of hype that has arisen around you guys.

    You have a very large base of readers and fans who are trying to emulate the look and feel of imagery, which specifically has become a certain new trend in filmmaking. You can’t deny glidetrack movements in slow motion look pretty sweet.

    There is indeed a number of “snobbish” filmmakers, who consider making films an Art of historical understanding of the tradition of film and nostalgia in analogue film and accomplishments past, not to forget the art of great storytelling.

    Nonetheless everyone of you is an excellent “filmmaker”, if that is the term you want to use. You are the spearheading cinematographers who are adopting and introducing a new form.

    A form which however at times does seem to put the necessity of “gear” above “tradition”, “human understanding” and “seasoning”. This sometimes comes across as profiteering to some of us “aspiring directors” lot.

    You see I am using a lot of parenthesis.

    I’d love to have any one of you all DP one of my films. Truth be told, I could probably never afford you.

    You don’t have to respond to this kind of provocation really. What you are doing is a certain type of filmmaking. For the most part you are showing the technical and aesthetic possibilites within modern technology. You are not taking people to the school of Kurosawa, Bergman, Polanski, or an eccentric early Godard.

    I think if your readers were better informed about the entirety of the realm of filmmaking, your work would be even more so appreciated, as you’d truly be serving as an educator in addition to being an instructor.

    1. Hi Sean,

      Actually I do projects I want to do. If a project interests me I do it. Money is far from my motivation in shooting. If you had a project that excited me I would be there.


      1. Philip,

        I find it unfortunate you usually chose to only respond to a small, mostly insiginificant part of a comment.

        You don’t have to by all means, this goes without saying, but I’d like to read a more in depth response from you from time to time. Not necessarily on my comments, but I disagree that avoiding all points trying to be made furthers an intelligent discussion and would lead to a better mutual understanding.

        I commented here because I read your comment about the trolling here on FB.

        They say: Don’t feed the trolls.

        I guess what I’d like is for you personally to take a position in this whole “filmmaking” discussion. That would shut up the doubters, wouldn’t it?

        Actually I have an idea about a project. I’d like to do a documentary about you and your colleagues and the new wave of filmmaking you are pioneering.



        1. honestly Sean I didn’t respond to everything as am trying to edit something and must stop getting distracted. Don’t take it personally! There is a big discussion that can be had on that, i just cant do it right now! DEADLINES!!

          1. I’m not taking it personally. I resign personal offense when entering another persons domain to try to provoke a response. All I’m saying is this is a discussion that is kind of a big deal, not to the super serious in the big business, but especially among young filmmakers.

            I’m trying to become a documentary filmmaker, if you don’t mind, I may approach you again at a later date in regards to the idea posted above, as I find it an interesting subject, which has quite a large amount of discussion in film school.


  8. After attending the CF Live event in Chicago, I’d have to say that no matter what it’s you name them, these seminars, featuring some of the leaders in pushing forward a new process/medium/methodology, are extremely worthwhile! A good story is key to a good film, but conveying that story in a visually stunning way can bring good to phenomenal.

    These people who are selfless enough to share their mistakes, lessons, and tips with those who are steps behind them in the learning of the craft are to be commended!

    Good on all of you 8 *****’s with cameras! :)

    Wish I could make it to Austin!

  9. Funny, how one such rude comment has the power to lead to a endless thread like this.
    A lot of guys and gals out there appreciate the community of dslr filmmakers, or videographers, or whatever you want to call it. If some does not, that’s his/her oppinion. Sure, it’s always nice when someone can express an opinion without being an asshole. but that’s not a given.
    There is no need to defend anyone of these filmmakers or the name they choose for an event. they are smart enough to use a marketable name in marketdriven

  10. I don’t see the point in this thread really. These guys earned their bragging rights. it’s just a very marketable name after all.
    Don’t react on comments like that. you don’t need to.

  11. I have bigger balls then all of you!

    But I’m not here to discuss my hernia…:)
    The fact is Vincent has a kind way about him, and Philip has some arrogant ‘s due to being a British :) but both are qualified to teach what i call The “Budget Filmmaker” and Anyone who is wanting to learn from their skills should attend the workshops, Why shouldn’t they make a living doing what they love?
    They Have given us most Information for free so far,
    If they can teach others and make a $ buck, why the hell not.

    These pioneers deserve more respect, even if one of them bans you from his twitter, I don’t care.

    Opps I do care and why the hell was I banned? Philp Bloom!

    No Really I don’t care Philip it is your loss.

  12. I bought my ticket today and booked my room at the Omni- I am SO looking forward to this event. The opportunity to learn from, and hang with Vincent and Philip is so worth it to me. Cristina, thanks for sponsoring this event in Austin, if it were in LA or NY I wouldn’t be able to attend. Instead, a three hour drive and four glorious days off of work! See you there!

  13. As one of the organizers of this event I can tell you this much, I would not risk my professional reputation by putting on a glorified sales pitch and calling it an educational workshop. The whole point of this workshop is to go beyond the gear. The “Masters” part of the name is not just a reference to the fact that these guys are at the top of their game but that everyone who attends should be trying to “master their craft.” I would never attach my name to a project if I wasn’t proud of it and stood behind it 100 percent. Cristina has put a LOT of hard work into this and that should not be minimized by a few people who are not properly informed on what this event is all about. It’s about uniting the community not dividing it. If you don’t like it ,the beautiful part is,you not only don’t have to attend, you can hold your own event and call it whatever you like. Fair warning: it requires a lot more work then you would think. I think peoples time would be better spent on something positive. That’s just my opinion though :)

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