gps4cam for Android released – geotag your DSLR photos on you phone

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Back in June, we told you about the great little iPhone app called GPS4cam – allowing you to use the gps unit in your iPhone to generate geotag data for your DSLR camera – well, now they've released the Android version so those of you who have been dying to get it can now jump on it… and it is currently at a discount for the first 500 buyers!

News from GPS4cam

From the gps4cam announcement

Dear gps4cam friends,

What a pleasure for me to announce that the Android version of gps4cam is now available on the Android Market .

gps4cam for Android will remain a beta version for a few weeks, just the time for it to be tested on more Android phones and just the time for me to implement the trip display on the map (for those who do no know gps4cam on iPhone, the feature I am talking about is not a key feature for the geotagging process). Of course, if you buy gps4cam beta, you will not have to pay again when the beta will be ended. gps4cam beta will evolve to gps4cam through free updates that will be available on the Android Market.

You will find below a direct access to the gps4cam apk that you can install for free on your device. If you did not buy gps4cam on the Android market, the license check will fail but you will be able to test that the application runs correctly on your device and buy it afterwards if everything is fine. If you encounter a problem while running the app on your device, please mail me at [email protected].

Here is a link to the gps4cam on android market.

I wish you some beautiful photos with gps4cam.

Warmest Regards, Michael

for more info

of course you can visit the gps4cam site – or you can read and watch my review

(cover photo credit: snap from aperture of my vacation)

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