CrumplePop: Film and Broadcast Effects for Final Cut Pro and FCPX

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We've been following CrumplePop guys for a few months and they've got some pretty fun filters for Final Cut Pro X (and the older FCP 6 & 7) and they've recently announced several new tools that you should know about!

Finisher for FCPX

Finisher makes it easy to dramatically improve the image quality of your footage. By simply dragging and dropping Finisher onto your clip, you can quickly and easily recover detail, apparent latitude, and vibrant skintones. Finisher works with Final Cut Pro X only.

[tentblogger-vimeo 27449744]

Paul Irmiter Series Dacar

Paul Irmiter Series Dacar is a 2.5GB collection of light leaks and lens flares created with a 1953 Dacora Dacar lens. By simply dragging and dropping right inside of FCP, you can add subtle layers of depth to many types of footage. For Final Cut Pro 6, 7, and X [tentblogger-vimeo 28685207]

Paul Irmiter describes how he detached an old lens from its folding camera body and fixed it to a digital camera with a custom mount. [tentblogger-vimeo 28732039]


CrumplePop Lumineux, a set of light leaks and transitions for Final Cut Pro and FCPX [tentblogger-vimeo 22903185]


Noir Moderne is a suite of dark, stylish effects for FCP 6, 7, and the new FCPX. Noir Moderne combines irregular pulses, strobes, and optically captured vignettes and venetian patterns. By simply dragging and dropping Noir Moderne onto the FCP timeline, you can create dramatic lighting effects that can be applied to many types of footage. Noir Moderne contains 19 effects, 3 transitions, and 1 royalty-free title font you can use in your projects.

[tentblogger-vimeo 26095628]

Blogger's Disclaimer: we have no economic relationship with CrumplePop – but man, wouldn't you love to have some of these? (We're working on a giveaway maybe!)

(cover photo credit: snap from the Finisher video)


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  1. Finisher for FCPX –
    Woah, I cant wait that plugin available for After Effects or for Premiere pro . . :(

    Paul Irmiter Series Dacar –
    Eh, I like her ;)

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