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Well, we missed this kickstarter project for the “Capture” camera attachment system that turned out to be a huge success like the CineSkates system we showed you last week – this one was a humongous success – just look at the numbers below! Plus, they've gotten coverage on Gizmodo, and more.

Capture Camera Clip System by Peter Dering — Kickstarter

Wouldn't you love to have your kickstarter project act like this? WOW! Capture Camera Clip System by Peter Dering — Kickstarter

Kickstarter funding video

Capture by Peak Design

What is the Capture clip system?

CLICK IN, CLICK OUT, RELAX.Unrivaled security, accessibility and freedom for your camera – all in one small, rock-solid, lightweight product. Capture™ is an accessory for photographers that rigidly secures your camera to the gear you already own. By clamping to any belt or strap, the Capture Camera Clip System eliminates the need for additional slings, holsters or vests. Captures quick release “click-in, click-out” locking action keeps your camera both safe and accessible, no matter what physical activity you are doing. Whether youre hiking, biking, skiing, climbing mountains, or just snapping pictures at a family gathering, the versatility of Capture will revolutionize the way you transport and handle your camera.Not convinced yet? Let Captures inventor Peter Dering break it down for you.

Plus, they're developing additional ways to connect a Capture unit!

Additional videos

A user review:

Doesn't that look like something you'd love to have?

[source: Tweet by SmallHD]

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  1. Nice one. I like the versatility. If I’m already wearing a backpack I can just clip the camera to the shoulder strap. Also convincing: the ability to change lenses with two hands if the clip is up front on your belt.
    I’ll probably preorder one.

  2. Very cool! I can see this very useful for a photo journalist or any still photog. However, purely from a video DSLR application, this wouldn’t work because of it’s proprietary baseplate.

    1. I agree : I already own several identical quick release plates, and this would not allow me to use them… Maybe in a next release ?

  3. Echoing the above comment – yet another quick release plate. I’m already married to two quick release systems I don’t need another. Also…. the demo neglected to show just how impractical it is to have a camera hanging from a backpack strap. The second camera in a small, over-the-shoulder, messenger-style bag (Lowpro makes one) works best for me.

  4. Agreeed.. If they could make one that would use other manufactures base plates like manfroto or that would make it work for me. Seems like this is more for photo guys than video guys.

  5. I love mine. Downside is the baseplate, you can use the Capture plate with RRS, Arca-Swiss, Wimberley and several other companies QR systems, but you cant use their plates with the capture.

    So I bought a basic QR mount w/ 1/4 holes on the bottom to mount to my manfrotto plate. Once you tighten it once you never touch it again and it’s really solid. RRS plates are killer. Great if you do run-n-gun type gigs like me, I shoot primes and switch cameras instead of lenses, so I pop a camera off my hip and onto my rig and vice-versa, quick and easy to do 1-handed. Night and day from dropping everything to switch cameras.

  6. This is one of good product idea which is useful and can benefit. Not like lock circle cap.

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