Canon Rumors suggests no new DSLRs this year

by planetMitch1 Comment posted on Sunday but we thought you'd want to know – we're all dying to know what is coming from Canon and Nikon and others and some rumors have said we'd see a new Canon DSLR before the end of the year, yet CR is suggesting (see below) that there won't be anything this year in the DSLR arena (tho there may be video cameras – see their post)

The details from

I have received a lot of small rumors throughout the week. There’s till life out there, even if there isn’t anything overly exciting.

I’ll break them down.


Apparently DIGIC V will be powering the next Canon DSLRs. We all expect better noise reduction and processing speed, however there is also a “brand new feature”. I’m still waiting to find out what that is.

PowerShot G12 Replacement

There will be no G12 replacement in 2011.

2011 DSLR?

Most information I am receiving now seems to suggest there will be no DSLR announcement in 2011. There are definitely a lot of prototype bodies out there, we just won’t be hearing about them until 2012.

It was suggested this was to make sure Canon could meet the production demands that the Christmas and holiday seasons require.

It was also flatly said that “Canon will announce a new camera when it’s done, and not a minute before”. Canon has no desire to announce a camera and it not be available for 2-3 months.

Canon Mirrorless

The R&D is ongoing. There is no prototype cameras out to photographers though.

via Canon Rumors.

What do you think?

We continue to dig for rumors – what do you think? Are you disappointed if is correct?

(cover photo credit: I blurred an old image of a Canon camera)


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  1. I’m not disappointed. I don’t need a new camera e new camera every couple of years. I’ve learned to work around the issues I have with the 5DII (moire under some conditions, etc.). I’d be happy to see Canon come out with full HD out and other little things, but that wouldn’t cause me to buy a new camera at this time. 2012 is close enough for me.

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