ARCHRIG Slashes the Price of their Follow Focus Rig for DSLR’s

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We found ArchRig just the other day and since we'd never seen them before and they're having a sale, we thought we'd better pass the news on to you in case you're interested.

Oh, if you want to jump straight to Amazon to buy one (and get free shipping) – buy now

An ArchRig demo

ARCHRIG Slashes the Price of their Follow Focus Rig for DSLR’s

ArchRig announces a 47% off sale for the month of September, along with free standard shipping in the U.S. with Amazon.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) September 04, 2011

Through the month of September 2011, ArchRig has slashed its retail price from $470 down to $249 on the standard ArchRig. See the rig in action on YouTube, just search for Archrig.

“Filmmakers need a break in the cash department. For the ones that have a follow focus setup, it’s a great addition to their gear,” says Senior Executive of ArchRig, Craig McMahon.

DSLR filmmaking has recently taken off because of its ability to take full advantage of 35MM lenses. 35MM lenses allow independent filmmakers to achieve a shallower depth of field – thus producing a more desirable “film look” over comparable conventional video cameras.

The rig has been designed to run and shoot or lock down on a tripod or jib. Because DSLR’s are so small, it can be difficult to keep steady and plumb while shooting video. The extra-wide 16 inch width of the ArchRig is to assist the operator in maintaining a level picture. Similar to leveling a picture on a wall, a wide square picture frame is much easier to level than a round one. In hand-held use, the cinematographer’s peripheral vision is aided because of the rig’s stout width.

The Arch Rig is designed to work with the Canon T3i, T2i, 60D, 7D, 5D, Nikon D90, Panasonic GH2 and others of similar size. It is being offered for a limited time price of only $249.00 (without the camera and lens). Although the rig can work with many zoom lenses, it is primarily designed for fix-focal (Prime) type lenses.

The company is asking ArchRig users to share their movies to them and encourage users to share their experiences. “We want to hear from you guys and learn how to make the rig even better.” says McMahon.

About Arch Rig

Arch Rig was developed after years of motion picture production. This company offers a simple and affordable solution to the unnecessary complexity of follow focusing systems. Arch Rig has also created a balanced, handheld rig to provide steady, fluid shooting. For more information, visit

Have you tried one of these? Any experiences out there?

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  1. Amazon says it is not available, seriously, before you guys get people all excited how about make sure the seller actually has these, AND has a website where you can contact him. All I see is a cheesy video with stupid music.

    1. Todd – I’m sorry that Amazon doesn’t currently have them showing as available – I did post their website but it wasn’t in the first paragraph and I apologize for that… find them here:

  2. I went yesterday to grab one. There was one available on Amazon. I checked out the video on their website…went back and it was already purchased. Poop.

  3. Whoa, wait a minute. Make sure the seller has product? That’s not Panet5D’s responsibility, he only brings us the latest in DSLR news and product information. The rest is up to you, it’s not his fault Amazon shows this product as unavailable.
    Sorry, PlanetMitch for speaking up, but that’s just plain wrong.

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