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The Technicolor color profile has gotten a lot of attention since it was announced and more and more people are using it. We thought we'd post a few of the notes and articles we've collected over the past few months.

A couple of Technicolor random tips

How to install EOS Utility if you lost the disk…

Follow the new Technicolor Cinestyle group on vimeo

One comment in that group said:

Samuel J Hutchinson said “The S-Curve LUT gives the flat CineStyle image (it's replicating log) a gamma curve similar to that of film (hence S-Curve) rather than a linear gamma curve. The other pictures styles – standard, neutral, etc are Rec709 and are linear. While the look similar, they are in fact not.

Granted the picture that comes out from the CineStyle stye are amazingly flat and desaturated, and you can do lots from there in terms of grading, I'll be using the S-Curve LUT cause I'm a sucker for the film look. Plus it goes super nicely with the shallow depth of field you already get with DSLRs.”

A wonderfully beautiful sample

Technicolor Dreams from Paul Frederick on Vimeo.

This is a video I made to test the Technicolor Cinestyle preset for my Canon 7D. It basically is a free download for Canon DSLRs that greatly opens up the shadow areas of the image. The picture as shot will look very washed out, (MANY examples of uncorrected technicolor cine footage on VIMEO) so it needs to be color corrected in post production to dial in the correct black and white and color saturation settings. But once you do…..WOW! It adds more dynamic range to the image, and it doesn't have that DSLR, super contrasted look as much. I also feel the moire is reduced quite a bit!

To really test things out, I shot what I consider a contrast range torture test! A mountain stream on a bright sunny day, with lots of dappled light. Bright, bright highlights and deep, dark shadows!

I then transcoded all the footage into ProRes LT, imported and edited in Final Cut Pro and then used Magic Bullet Looks to color grade all the shots. Basically I used lift/gamma/gain and then color saturation. I did not use curves as I found it crushed the blacks and blew out the whites a bit too much. Actually I had issues getting the LUT (Look up table) Technicolor supplies to load into Magic Bullet Look Up Buddy (I think my system- a G5 PPC-is too old to properly use it!). I felt using Lift/gamma/gain gave me the best tonal gradations anyway, especially for nature subjects where a real cine tone isn't as needed.

I mostly used my Tamron lenses. My trusty 17-55 F2.8 and the super zoom 18-270 F3.5-6.3. Kept shutter speed at 60 at all times, using ND filters when needed to expose properly.

Remember, this is shot using Technicolor cinestyle, but then color corrected in post. Your footage MUST be worked on after you shoot it, it does not look like this out of the camera. It amounts to alot more work in post production, is it worth it? I think so! I found this to make the 7D footage look quite stunning, especially considering what I usually get shooting such a contrasty subject.

Music is from, an excellent source for buyout music.


Another Sample

Technicolor Cinestyle and S-Curve Test from Alanedit on Vimeo.

Comparison Profile / S-Curve Test.
Canon 60D.
NIKON 28MM / 35MM 3.5
Cam settings:
Sharpness: 0
Contrast: -4
Sat: -2
Color Tone: 0
Footage ungraded.

Song: Ali Love Smoke & Mirrors (Villa Remix)

You can download the Technicolor picture profile here:

Tony Reale does off color fix

In this post Tony posts just how far you can push the cinestyle picture style

How to use LUT files without a LUT plugin

A video tutorial on using Technicolors CineStyle LUT file if you don't have a LUT plugin. To download the preset, visit my blog post and see the update at the top of the article:

Other articles

FxPlug – CineStyle LUT PLugin for Final Cut Pro

(cover photo credit: snap from the technicolor site)


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