Rodney Charters using a Canon EOS 60D on a crane

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Not earth shattering news of course, but we were contacted by David St. Onge after he was able to take a couple of photos of Canon Explorer of Light Rodney Charters using a Canon EOS 60D up on a crane and viewing the results via a Zacuto EVF. I believe they're using higher end cameras like the Alexa on these shoots, but the Canon EOS 60D still comes in handy! We asked Rodney to comment and he sent us a tidbit below.

Update from Rodney

Hi Mitch David took the snaps and then wrote this copy from the Shameless set. Cheers

By David St. Onge (My Gaffer)

Its late in the afternoon and the ritualistic panic is on as the sun slowly settles in the west. the scene has a strange resemblance to that old school demonstration of atoms in a nuclear blast as hundreds of ping pong balls are thrown randomly by hundreds of mouse traps, the crew and 60 background artists running hither dither trying to set up the next shot of four left to make our day.

the director screaming “I must have my crane shot”. knowing there is not enough time to get the shots that are left and then mount one of the Alexa’s on the jib the Director of Photography (Rodney Charters) promptly turns to a camera assistant and calmly says “mount the 60D on the Jib” the questions start coming, how are you going to see what your doing? what if you have to tilt the camera?

so from atop a 6 foot ladder with a Zacuto EVF attached with a 6 foot HDMI cable in one hand and a 60 inch C stand arm attached to the fluid head Rodney successfully gets the directors crane shot and again, we make our day.

Rodney Charters

(cover photo credit: snap from David St. Onge)


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