podcast #47 – surprise announcements and more from Zacuto’s Steve Weiss

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podcast #47 is now online and we had some surprise announcements and more from Zacuto's Steve Weiss during the chat! Steve announced a new follow focus is coming as well as new products called the ‘pincher' and the EVF Gorilla Plate Bracket and the Zwiss Cage. Quite the scoop for planet5D!

NotesOnVideo was in the session and has published a blog post with many of the announcements. See what you miss by not joining in live?

I have to apologize for the quality of the video – we had a technical glitch with the primary recording and had to resort to using the low res version stored on the streaming server. I sure plan on not having this happen again.

The Podcast

Of course, you can now see this on the new planet5D podcast section of the planet5D site with all of the previous planet5D podcast archives – and now you can give us feedback by rating them as well. [tentblogger-vimeo 27843591]

Schedule and more

Here is a list of the live conversations we have scheduled right now. Please subscribe to the calendar to get all the updates (see below on how to accomplish that). We've got a great line up in work – we'll be talking to movie makers, industry leaders, manufacturers, and photographers using these great cameras. [events_list category=4]

NOTE: This schedule is still tentative, there are things that pop up all the time – so please keep your eye on the podcast schedule page for the latest updates.

Subscribe to the planet5D HDSLR calendar so you don’t miss an event!

How to subscribe to the HDSLR event calendar from planetMitch on Vimeo.

Since we've got a new sponsor for the podcasts – Kessler Crane and the Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly – we thought we'd help you subscribe to the podcast and HDSLR event calendar so you'll always know what is coming up!

This works for iCal and Google Calendar, but I don't know how to do it for Outlook and others. maybe someone could add the instructions for those in the comments?

Our new sponsor is Kessler Crane

I'm so excited about having Kessler on board and starting up these podcasts again!

I really do enjoy sitting down with folks and learning about them and what they're doing. I hope you enjoy the conversation too – and since you can ask questions in the chat room, I hope you feel a part of the whole event! Please stop in and meet everyone!

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