LockCircle announces new F-Mount LockCircle for Nikon

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A few weeks ago, we announced the LockCircle EF body mount for Canon, and now, the LockCircle folks have released the Nikon version for the F-mount cameras. They've been selling like hotcakes from what I hear (the first EF mount run sold out completely) and the first run of the
“F-Mount sold in 24 hours same of EF Mount in 30 days” as I was told today. Nikon guys LOVE the LockCircle! πŸ™‚

The price is also reduced the price to $79!

I'll be giving away a couple of the Canon EF mount ones on an upcoming live broadcast – so keep your eye open!

The F-Mount

The LockCircle billett aluminum camera body cap is the ultimate eye catching accessory for your professional F-Mount camera!

The knurled edge and the exclusive finger-fit design provides extra-grip in every climate shooting session.

Designed for total functionality without compromise!

Machined from solid billett aluminum features sanded textured surface with clear, titanium or black anodized finish.

The highly precision F-Mount bayonet locks the cap in position with a “swiss watch” feeling, providing the necessary seal from dust or moisture.

The LockCircle was designed from the ground up to the most seamless and functional camera professional body cap.

Available right now for F-mount, delivery scheduled for first days of September.

After the huge success of the LockCircle EF-Mount launched last month the new production run was improved and price lowered.

  • Precise F- Mount bayonet built with ultra-precise specifications with a hole cut in the flange where the camera locking pin locks securely inside.
  • Bayonet limit screw for safety locking position, works like the original bayonet of the lens.
  • To remove the LockCircle, the locking pin button on the camera has to be pressed and the cap can be removed, exactly like a lens.
  • The aluminum bayonet has a hardener and porosity occlusion treatment to make it last forever, without any release of particles inside the camera body.
  • The flange sits on the the body bayonet and seals completely the camera from the elements.
  • All the surface of the flange and the camera bayonet ring are locked strongly in contact by the spring-loaded mechanism of the bayonet mount.
  • Important design and testing has be done in the LockCircle section in the camera electrical contact area.
  • It is impossible to touch the camera contacts by mounting the LockCircle.
  • Special knurled surface and finger-fit ergonomic design for secure removal with sweaty hands or wearing heavy gloves. Solid grip in productions on the run.
  • Tested on the field by professional photographers..
  • Laser Marking
  • Can't be called just a cap, is a serious camera body locking door for professional photographers!
LockCircle F-Mount

LockCircle F-Mount

Blogger's Disclaimer: LockCircle is a planet5D sponsor, but we'll print all sorts of HDSLR related news – just let us know!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. don’t see why you need expensive cover. they don’t have good answer. Please convince me.

  2. I totally agree. Yeah, it locks into place, but is that worth $79 dollars? The stock cover has never fallen off, and I highly doubt it will. If this had some other purpose, like say, it doubles as a small desktop mount to shoot from, I could justify it.

  3. It’s still an over priced ridiculous product…
    I honestly find it hard to believe that they’ve been selling like hot cakes.I stand to my point before.

    I really think it’s asking waaay too much money for a piece of aluminum with little to no R&D costs seeing as all they had to do was get a stock body cap, measure the thing and the machine the aluminum.

    1. Author

      Obviously nothing I (or anyone else) can say will convince you. Yet, others find these of value and are willing to buy one. So why keep demeaning those who want to have one? I don’t understand why anyone would buy a car for $100k yet people continue to buy them! Heck, a $5k junker gets me around. Just like a plastic cap works for most photogs.

        1. However, the comments section at the end of the post is there to allow people to voice their opinions.

  4. Why do people buy 100k automobiles, high degree of value and many times safety. Take for instance a Volvo, the safety features that car has are remarkable. In short, the Lock Circle has no redeeming value over the stock plastic cover, other than it looks cool. Don’t worry, I won’t dwell on this I promise!

  5. What purpose does this body cap serve that the plastic cover doesn’t already serve? A $100k vehicle will get you from 0 to 60 significantly faster than a $25k vehicle. The feature set is definable and quantifiable. This body cap is nothing more than a body cap, offering no utility or functionality over the standard issue plastic cap.

    1. Author

      Oh but you’re wrong. The standard body cap does not firmly lock into place – this one does. You have to press the lens release button to remove this cap. It is also much more solid and attractive and it sure won’t come off in your camera bag. Not for everyone, but for those who want extra security.

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