The new Sony A77 HDSLR

Is this the week of great new HDSLRs? Nikon and Sony poised to release new cameras

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We've been keeping our ears to the rails and it looks like things are really going to be hopping in the HDSLR world this week with new HDSLR cameras coming from not only Nikon (as we told you about last week) but Sony seems to be on the brink of not only one, but maybe several new HDSLRs (which may even be full frame rivaling the Canon EOS 5D Mark II?).

The new Sony A77 HDSLR

The new Sony A77 HDSLR

The Sony Rumors

The first I saw of the rumored Sony A77 was thru Philip Bloom's blog post “Sony enters the video DSLR revolution FINALLY…a bit late but not too late!

First off they have the rather killer function of the translucent mirror. A lovely ability to use the actual viewfinder to shoot video. Secondly the specs (although not sure these are confirmed):

Brand new sensor. Hopefully with the clever ability to down-sample the image to 1080p. No idea what the moire, aliasing, rolling shutter will be here. But apparently the new sensor has video recording in mind so theoretically we should have less of these…hopefully!

3 million dot OLED VF (!)
FULL HD recording in 60p, 50p, 25p and 24p. Now that is something special. No other DSLR does this…yet

AVCHD 2. This is a 28mbps rate rather than 24. This is great.

No idea if there is a headphone jack or audio controls, but this a big step up.

Now…if this were a full frame camera I would be salivating. We STILL have no competition to the 5DMKII in that respect after all this time.

More from SonyAlphaRumors

Philip has a lot more to say about the A77 so skip over there!

There's also coverage (from Philip's source) sonyAlphaRumors “(SR5) The video revolution is coming: A77/NEX-7/VG20 with FullHD 60p and full manual controls!

On August 24 Sony will make an amazing announcement. There is no doubt! And one of the thing you will like most is the new video features! I just learned from my sources that the new A77, Nex-7 and VG20 will support the new AVCHD 2.0 standard. This means that all those camera (!) will be able to record FullHD videos in 1080 60/50/25/24p at 28Mbit/s! Do you like that? Wait…there is even more! All camera will support full manual controls while recording video. And you can shoot video in P or A or S or M mode! All three cameras were development having video recording in mind. That means that the new sensor and the new BIOZ processor have been optimized to avoid artifacts like the weird jello effect. And as I already told you the new 3 million dot OLED viewfinder will have a high refresh rate! Can’t wait to see the first video samples!

We also found this video which appears to be for the A77 [tentblogger-youtube kVGiV2cogqQ]

Note that there's a “movie” button in the upper right

Sony A77 HDSLR camera from demo movie

Sony A77 HDSLR camera from demo movie

More on future Sony full frame?

Andrea from SonyAlphaRumors added today:

One more thing: The future rumors: The same sources that gave me correct info about all the new Sony cameras are already sending me bits of info about the next DDAY in 2012. The event will be important for everyone seeking full frame cameras and lenses. And that will be the new rumor adventure we will have to go the next months. As I said, there are at least three new FF cameras coming and the new lens quantity is much bigger!

We should know more tomorrow – what do you think?

(cover photo credit: snap from the forum which is unattributed)


  1. Before buying it, I strongly recommend photoshop users to check if Adobe supports this camera. Probably it won’t till many months after release day and you’ll be stuck with Sony’s not so good jpegs. I speak from experience of using nex-c3 without being able to properly work with arw file. From what I experienced, Sony is good at marketing, but once you bought it you’re on your own without support. Good luck!

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