Heineken “See the Light” – an epic (but cold) HDSLR adventure

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In this episode, we've heard from Daniel Gallenkamp N.S.C. who pitched a project to Heineken and got to go on this great (but it looks darn cold to me!) expedition to make the commercial with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews)

I want you to show a film I made for Heineken. In December I personally pitched an idea to Heineken. they loved it…

A boys dream come true to go on this expedition.

It is shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, in January. 300 km above the Arctic circle, in the cold dark but magical northern Norway.

A five man crew, ( including the 2 actors) shot this “Adventure Trailer” in 9 days. We had only 4 hours of daylight, took night shifts if there was a chance to capture the Northern Lights.

We climbed mountains, ran through woods, walked on glacial lakes, jumped over cliffs, fell through ice…

We used a helicopter, snowscooters, tractors…but mostly our feet, and dragged our equipment through meters deep snow to get the shots….

…..we enjoyed every day.

Heineken “See the Light”

[tentblogger-vimeo 25793035]

Heineken “See the Light” from Daniel Gallenkamp N.S.C. on Vimeo.


Adventure trailer for Heineken international.

Together with colleague filmer/photographer Erik Hijweege, we created this story and made this film. A boys dream come true, to go on this expedition. The crew had great fun to make this movie, and I thank them all.

Director: Daniel Gallenkamp & Erik Hijweege
Actors: Tony van der Veer & Jerome de Lint
Voice: Redmond O'Hanlon
D.o.P. : Daniel Gallenkamp
2nd Unit camera: Erik Hijweege
Camera assistant: Aleksander Willemse
Edit: Allard Zoetman
Compositing: Allard Zoetman
Music: Rimer Veeman
Color grading: Beer Buijsman
Helicopter pilot: Tor Disen
Guide & driver: Frans Houtman
Location support: Byzonderereizen – Norway
Production: MacGyver Amsterdam
Client: Heineken international

I thank Heineken for their support and trust.

Doesn't that sound like fun? Tell us your experience in the cold in the comments

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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