Express 35 Shoulder Rig In Line

Express35 Camera / Video support gear

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We'd like to welcome a new advertiser to the blog – ok, they've been here all month, I'm a bit behind – but we thought you'd like to know a little more about Express35 and we've got this tidbit from Chris:

What sets Express35 apart from the rest of the pack is that we are a quality USA manufacturer priced in line with overseas products. A simple business model allows us to keep prices low, make a solid product and focus on service. If you look at the gear, it is one color…black. No logos or complimentary colors. Every penny is spent on quality CNC manufacturing in the USA.

Express35 Shoulder Rig | In-Line

The  Shoulder Rig | In-Line is the Straight version of the Shoulder Rig | Offset, which are both full size rigs. Intended for use with an EVF or LCD monitor, the camera is in-line and close to your shoulder for better weight distribution, which means a more steady shot and more comfort.  Has room for your follow focus, monitor, EVF, matte box & other accessories.

Express 35 Shoulder Rig In Line

Express 35 Shoulder Rig In Line

*Camera, follow focus, LCD monitor, EVF, matte box. tripod mount, quick release and accessories are NOT included.  Show for illustration purposes.


  • HD handle grips
  • DSLR camera mount
  • Contour shoulder pad
  • 4lb Counterweight
  • Rod length – 23″ rails / 15″ handle bar
  • Made in USA

  • Tripod mount (option / link )
  • Carry handle (option / link )
  • DSLR quick release (option / link )

  • Starting Price:  $389

(cover photo credit: snap from the express35 site)


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