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redrock micro posts microRemote facebook page with updated status

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Our friends at redrock micro (and planet5D sponsors) have released a bit more info on the microRemote line of products – you can find it all over on their microRemote facebook page – and if you “like” the page, it will be in your facebook stream for reading the latest updates! Jump down a little to see the latest update too – from July 1st!

Redrock Micro

A snippet from the page

The microRemote system has flexible power options and requirements. In general, the microRemote system can be powered in several different ways: by 14.4v batteries through d-tap cabling, by AC power, and in some cases for some components by smaller consumer/camcorder batteries. The microRemote follows established industry power norms for wireless follow focus systems, so if you are familiar with these setups, you will generally have the same or similar setup for the microRemote.

Specific power configurations can be thought of in two parts: power for on-camera components (the basestation, motor, fingerwheel, microTape), and power for the microRemote wireless handheld controller. The handheld controller is powered separately since it is a smaller handheld device that requires more mobility but has less space on which to attach a large battery.

Latest July 1 update

As you know, we intended to be shipping by now. We caught a last minute issue that, in certain circumstances, a bad cable may cause some issues – definitely something we want to address.

We are making some modifications to ensure this will never happen. We are still determining how much time this will take, but once we do we'll let you know with updates here.

In the meantime, here are some additional details on availability:

  • We expect the fingerwheel configuration to ship first. This will include a basestation, fingerwheel controller, and cabling options. When it is released you will be able to use this with select Heden digital motors (see the separate FAQ on Heden motors). This system will also work with the forthcoming Redrock Torque motors, which will be released at a later date. The microTape real-time rangefinder will also ship at this time.
  • The microRemote wireless handheld will follow shortly afterward – this version will include a cartridge-style adapter that allows you to easily insert your iPhone/iPod Touch, and then plug the cartridge into the microRemote handheld unit. One side will be the standalone faceplate (with basic functionality), the other the iPhone/iPod Touch interface, so you can use either, or if you just want one side, you can leave it with one side up.
  • The Redrock Torque motors are still under wraps, but we will share details on them once we have it ready. We expect these will ship around the same time as the microRemote wireless handheld. As mentioned elsewhere we expect the price will be under $1,000.

We'll continue posting new and updated information here on the microRemote facebook page, so be sure to ‘Like' this page and you'll be up to speed on the latest news.

Thanks again!

Powering the microRemote

Powering the microRemote

So, keep an eye on their microRemote facebook page if you want more info on the status!

Blogger's Disclaimer: redrock is a planet5D sponsor, but we'll print all sorts of HDSLR related news – just let us know!

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