Painting with light – part of a new PBS show shot on HDSLRs

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We've been chatting with Morgan Crossley from Kornhaber Brown about this new PBS show they're shooting with Canon HDSLRs – and we've got a bit of the first show for you to see.

We are doing a web series for PBS called “Off Book” and this light painting piece was the first episode of thirteen. Our next piece is coming out in a week.

Myself and my co-workers at Kornhaber Brown are doing all the production and post production work for this series including all the HDSLR shooting. We're shooting on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS 7D, and Canon Rebel T3i/600D, sometimes all at the same time with a wide variety of lenses and we are recording our audio externally.

The video

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More from Morgan

My name is Morgan Crossley and I work at a production company in New York called Kornhaber Brown. Just wanted to write to you and say that I love your blog. As an HDSLR video shooter I've learned a ton from your posts and reviews! I wanted to let you know about a project we just finished for PBS featuring Patrick Rochon and Aurora Crowley, documenting their work and the art of light painting. It's for an ongoing web series we're doing for PBS called “Off Book” that is being shot entirely on HDSLR cameras. We're super stoked on it and we thought you might be interested in checking it out!

And new episodes will be coming out every 2 weeks.

We'd love to hear what you think!

Take care,

– Morgan

The youtube description

just for completeness… Light painting dates back to Man Ray, but contemporary photographers are taking the practice of "painting light" onto long-exposure photographs to a new level. Patrick Rochon and Aurora Crowley, two light painters in love with color, form, and the expressive possibilities of light, discuss their work and their unique process in the inaugural episode of Off Book from PBS Arts.


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