Magic Bullet Suite 11 review by Paul D

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Paul D (of The Toadlickers fame) sent us a note that he's done a review of the latest version of Magic Bullet Suite 11.

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Part of the review

Having used Magic Bullet Suite 10 to colour The Toadlickers (the double Webby Award nominated music video I directed & produced for Thomas Dolby) I was eager to test the new Magic Bullet Suite 11, which Red Giant Software sent me recently. It boasts version 2 of Looks, Version 1.5 of Grinder and ‘Cosmo’, a brand new ‘cosmetic cleanup tool’ that enhances skin and eats out of your fridge.


My only major complaint with Magic Bullet 10 was that each of its plugins had to be separately installed and authorised…using different codes, which was a bit of a pain. Fortunately Magic Bullet Suite 11 does away with this palaver by installing all of its components into multiple host applications, with a couple of clicks and a single authorisation code. As a result, it took less than a minute to install Magic Bullet 11 into Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, Adobe After Effects CS5.5 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.1, which is a huge and very welcome improvement.

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