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We love to highlight videos on planet5D cinema and now and then we show off videos here too – this one from our friends at @stillmotion is just simple and tells a good story about the folks at LensProToGo.com.

Redrock Micro

The video

lens pro to go | meet the family from stillmotion on Vimeo.

BTS from stillmotion

we first met the lens pro to go team just over a year ago while we were shooting for “The NFL SEASON: A Biography” we’d be flying in and out of different cities with multiple crews each week, and having the gear we needed readily available wasn’t always a possibility. without the support and gear selection from the LPTG team it would’ve been nearly impossible to bring our concepts to life.

what was amazing to us wasn’t the fact that they had all the gear we needed, but it was so much more about the relationships that formed and how much of a resource they became when we needed suggestions for kits or were stuck in a bind. i remember a shoot where i was traveling from toronto on friday to seattle for a seahawks game saturday night. the gear we ordered actually made it to the hotel before we did.

when we were asked to put together a portrait of who they are as a team, we were struck with the paradoxical nature their piece; they are a lens and gear rental company, but their focus is anything but the gear. in some ways we wanted to show the process; show what happens behind the scenes, and let people into the studio. on the other hand, it wasn’t about that at all. it was so much more about how they helped people, how they came together, and the energy that was created between them as a team. as we were chatting they mentioned that they often get together on a friday night with all of their families and they just hang out. for a company built on the idea of helping people through information and gear, it was the perfect backdrop to see what inspired each of them and to really show the family that is lens pro to go.

Blogger's Disclaimer: LensProToGo is not a sponsor, but they have sent us some gear to review in the past.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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