LandEscape – video art with an HDSLR twist

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John H. King sent us the teaser for a movie he's working on called “LandEscape” which of course he's shooting with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews). The thing I love about this is that he's combining art with video – much like our friend Victoria Taylor Gore is doing (see earlier posts about Victoria). It is so cool to see what artists can create with these amazing tools.

John has agreed to provide us some additional info on how he's doing this, but wants to finish his movie first… so a few months from now, we'll come back with that update – keep your eye on planet5D!

Redrock Micro

The “LandEscape” Trailer

LandEscape Teaser 2011 from John H. King on Vimeo.

” At the very end of all things, like in the first beginning, No one knows
Everything is about to be written.

So, slowly, the vail of illusion fades out.

Thoughts and memories mix up, an immutable dance of time, space, shadow and light, and in the core of vacuity, the invisible world rebirth.

The world that never was. “

Teaser for a short movie I'm working on for months now on my personal free time.
Still a lot of work to do…
Hope to release a Final cut on the fall 2011

After so many hours working on it, just sharing some of the shots ! Hope you will like the mood of the “invisible”

Adobe After Effects CS5
Particular 2.1
5D Mark II
The priceless support from Somepling
Ten thousand cups of Coffee

J.H.K 2011

An additional comment

John posted this in the comments on vimeo – we hope to get more background in the future…

Well to be honest it took me quiet a long time to figure out what was the best way to proceed.
From the beginning I had in mind this idea of abstract organic moving shapes, close to aquatic lifeforms…

So I started many tests to see if I was able to get the right look. I created a basic shape library and then decline them into different states of evolution , small unstable, then more dense, then bigger etc… color direction was really important too. Then you know it's always the same trick, the further you get the further you want to go… so it was like always trying to improve shapes animation etc…

About the “dense” look in many cases I used auxiliary particles system, which is really heavy to handle previz render etc…
I dont' have a hardware killing beast, I really loved to work with a powerfull mac pro but this is out of my budget so… I work with an Imac I-7 with 16Gb Ram.

But you know there are a lot of things for the final cut I'm still wondering ” how I'm going to do that” so it's always interesting to challenge yourself even if fighting with hardware is really boring sometimes 😉

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses

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