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We featured another video by Devin Graham a few months ago and this time he's done a beautiful job with his latest shot in Hawaii. Also included at the bottom is another one he shot in Kauai earlier this year.

Kualoa Adventure – Oahu Hawaii

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We filmed all this at Kualoa Hawaii. www.kualoa.com/

Stephen Anderson wrote the score specifically for this video. You can download the song on iTunes in the link below :)


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Going back to the location where we filmed this, it is actually my favorite place in all of Oahu Hawaii. Without question the most scenic. It's also the main location in Oahu where Hollywood movies are filmed. Such movies as Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, Godzilla, Wind talkers, Pearl Harbor Mighty Joe Young and even a great deal of the TV show LOST was filmed here.

It' also a huge tourist attraction where, as you can see, you can horseback ride, sail boat, 4 wheel, movie bus tours, jungle expedition, boat cruise, dinner, the list goes on :) It really is honestly the most photogenic place in all of Oahu. And by the way, I'm not paid to say that :) I actually did this video for free, there was no money involved. And I did it just because I love the location.

The staff at Kualoa ranch were super awesome/helpful to work with when filming this, super accommodating, and they helped with what we needed to get the shots we wanted. I would for sure reccomend this place to ANY PHOTOGRAPHER, or anyone who wants an escape from the everyday world! I really think this place is one of Hawaii's best kept secrets. It also has a super rich history, which you can also find out more about that on there website as well.


Super thanks to my friends who came with me to help film this video, Nate Smith, Clark Cahoon, and Jace LeRoy. And Spencer Turley who got me into contact with Kualoa originally.

On a technical level:

It was all filmed on a Canon 5D Mark II.
All at 24 fps, with two different Canon Lenses.
Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 L series lens
Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 L series lens

It took 5 days of filming to make this video happen. Filming 4 days of landscape stuff, just at sunrise and sunset. And then one FULL day of filming all the other people in it.

I organized it all for the day we shot all the people, and I got 65 of my friends/people in the community to come and help be a part of the video, it was a blast, but we were all dead tired afterwards.

As far as making the camera look like it was "flying", I used a glidecam 4000 HD for all those shots. You can check out the exact model on there official website below where you can also buy them, and I don't get paid to say that :)


I also go over a lot of camera questions I get asked in my blog right below in case you have more questions :)


Kauai – The Lost World – Canon 5D Mark II

For feedburner daily email readers: watch the video (note: feedburner and other email systems disable the javascript embed tags so the videos won't display.)

I'm on facebook and twitter now! :)

Stephen Anderson wrote the score specifically for this piece. You can download the song on iTunes in the link below.

You can also contact him here.

Film made by Devin Graham.

This entire film was filmed on the island of Kauai over a 9 day period. The first 3 days were spent hiking the Napali coast, a 11 mile hike along the coast. We did this for 3 days. After this we spent 2 more days exploring the island. I did this with 8 other friends. After the 5 days were up with them, they all flew back to Oahu where everyone was living, and I stayed on the island on my own for 4 more days.

I had a rental truck, that's how I got around. I didn't want to spend money on hotels though, so I slept in the truck, in a Walmart parking lot for the other 4 nights. A lot of cars get broken in on the island of Kauai, according to rumors, so that's why I would camp in the parking lots, so I was a lot more exposed if someone tried to break in where I was sleeping :) That way i wouldn't get robbed, raped, or murdered, ha.

At night when I got done filming, I would go into the only Walmart on the island, where they also have a McDonald's, and I would bum off there wi-fi with my ipod touch, and plot my path for the next day, then I would head out before the break of dawn every morning, and I would get back after sunset to do it all over again.

On a technical side, this was all all shot on the Canon 5D Mark II. Most of the shots were done with the Canon 16-35mm 2.8 L Series lens.

The smooth shots were done with a Glidecam HD-4000. You can check out the exact model on their official website here where you can also buy them. I've been shooting with there glidecams for the last 5 years, and love them. They do take a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get past that, it's all smooth!


Also, here's a link to some of the photography I did as well while I was filming. I did this just on the side, just because I was already at the location, but my main focus was capturing it on video. Second was photographing it.


I've had around 30 emails within the first 12 hours of releasing this video, all with common questions, my response to them all was to big to put in here, so I posted it on my blog. For any other technical info, check out my blog below, and any other questions, feel free to ask there.


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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