We’ve shown you Michael Rees’ work before (here and here) – so why am I showing you his new film “Is War a Game?” Because Michael is only 16 that’s why!

We love to know more about what people are doing with their HDSLRs and Michael is sure putting his knowledge to good use. I wish I could make a short like this!

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the movie

More on Michael

Michael sent us this little blurb:

We shot it in a couple of hours. I used the Canon Rebel T2i/550D (reviews) with the 28mm 1.8 (reviews), 50mm 1.4 (reviews), and the 28-135mm (reviews). That’s about it really. I would really love for you to mention that I am trying to build up a bigger audience to deliver to, so if people would post it to their twitters, facebooks, blogs, etc. it would be GREATLY appreciated.

Michael’s use of sounds and music (the video has no speaking parts – unless you count the kid making gun sounds HA) is wonderful and he’s got a mastery of using different shots and motion. Can’t wait to see what he does next!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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