HOT! 40% OFF Sale at Letus – TODAY ONLY! Sale is over

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UPDATE July 12 – readers – this post was for YESTERDAY July 11 – the sale is now over.

URGENT UPDATE: is having a quick 40% off sale that is for planet5D fans today only! Rush down below to see the details (note – the Hawk viewfinder isn't included). TODAY ONLY

Redrock Micro


Save 40% on Letus DSLR kits? What? Yes, Letus is over-stocked and we need to make room in our warehouse for new gear. Today only we are offering 40% off DSLR products for our planet5D friends. We need the extra room soon so we decided to get a bit crazy with the sale! So until midnight tonight you can get 40% off Letus DSLR products*. This offer is only good while supplies last so grab the opportunity while you can and before we come to our senses! Use the coupon code P5Dfriends at checkout.

*sale does not include Hawk viewfinder, non-DSLR products, or non-Letus brands. While supplies last. We reserve the right to end the sale without notice.

So what are you waiting for? Visit now.

Blogger's Disclaimer: Letus used to be a planet5D sponsor, but we'll print all sorts of HDSLR related news – just let us know!

(cover photo credit: snap from the letusDirect shop)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


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  1. When they’ll go -90% I’ll consider it lol.
    I strikes me that all those gears sell at such a high price… Not just Letus, they are all crazy expensive.

    I know it’s pro-driven, but as a simple user I’ll never be able to afford such equipment and that’s a shame :-(

  2. The reason these manufacturers charge like wounded bulls is that they know that a lot of their stuff designed to give DSLR’s some sort of decent form factor aside from follow focus and mattebox gear, is only a temporary cash cow while DSLR’s are the hot ticket.
    Once the new super35 sensor cameras like the Sony NEX-FS100 become available in larger and thus cheaper numbers, the market for this gear will nose dive to oblivion so they want to milk it for all it’s worth, while they can.
    I’m waiting for my FS100 to arrive this week, then I’ll be selling off a lot of my Redrock and Zacuto stuff unfortunately at a great loss!

    1. Author

      Have to disagree with you Norbert

      It costs a lot of money to engineer, design, manufacture, deliver, support, advertise etc. these products.

      Obviously it is your choice to move to a different camera and I wish you well. But not everyone is leaving the HDSLR market! There are thousands still buying them!

  3. I admit the cost of engineering and design is a consideration but:
    1) the manufacture of the widgets is more than likely done in a some Chinese sweatshop CNC plant where the bits are churned out by the thousands for a dollar a piece. I know as I’ve bought well made bits from them, very cheap on ebay.
    2) you can pack a hell of a lot of little widgets in a shipping container
    3) It costs next to nothing to advertise on the web and doing NAB is a big party for all concerned.

    I’m a DoP of 20 years who was so thrilled when the HDSLR revolution started and I will still run with my 5Dmk2 and 7D for stills and those special instances where the compact size is the biggest advantage.
    All along I wished Canon would grab the bull by the horns and make put that fabulous technology into a form that was user friendly for film and TV production, unfortunately for them that didn’t happen. Thank goodness Panasonic and Sony have moved on that front. The AF100 and FS100 are now moving down on the natural evolutionary path from what the HDSLRs started.
    Yes, they will still be used forever for those who can’t afford even FS100s, etc. but I think the almost mass hysteria and supply shortages that forced prices for used gear to be higher than new in some instances, are over.
    Manufacturers made hay while the sun shone but those heady “charge what you want” days are gone.

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