Homemade Fireworks – Great balls of fire – a Canon EOS 5D Mark II short

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Another Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) short filmed by Devin Graham (see his Hawaii shorts) that was shot to show off fireworks visual effects. Also interesting (see the description below) that he made all his own audio effects for this film.

Homemade Fireworks – Great balls of fire

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Music was done by my friend Stephen Anderson
You can check out Stephens iTunes link below, where you can buy this song, and all of his other songs from my youtube videos, and other awesome albums that he has.
Here's a link to his iTunes where you can download the firework song 🙂

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Visual effects done by Aaron Sorensen
All the fire work explosions were done by my friend Aaron. THEY ARE NOT REAL, even though I wish they were 🙂
Aaron is a freelance visual effects guy who does tons of freelance work, and works for several companies all around the world. You can check out his youtube channel in the link below where you can also contact him.


Aaron also made a tutorial video on how to make your own fireworks, check that out here.


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As far as making the camera look like it was "flying", I used a glidecam 4000 HD for all those shots. You can check out the exact model on there official website below where you can also buy them, and I don't get paid to say that 🙂


On a technical note:
The entire video was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II at 24fps.
It was shot with the Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 L series lens.

A great deal of time was put into the "sound design". There are actually no real sounds from the video camera that made it into the video. I went out and recorded my own sound effects, and I used my sound library as well. I spent well over 12 hours on recreating every sound that is heard in the video, there was even some parts where I had around 20 tracks of audio laid out over one single firework… so yeah… a lot of time was put into it, ha.

The entire video was shot on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, in Laie and Hauula.

The idea for this video originally came when I was filming another youtube video with my friend for my channel, the one titled "soccer girl". It was a video about a girl playing soccer… While editing the video, and watching the ball fly up in the sky, the random idea came into my head that it would be sweet if the ball exploded… and hence, that's where this video came from 🙂 I then contacted my friend from Utah, Aaron Sorensen, asking if he could do the visual effects, and as you can tell, he did them 🙂

Check out my blog on the behind the scenes of the sound design as well.


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. I’m so sick of these DSLR “shorts.” They are examples of all style no substance film making. They require next to no skill, other than the skill owning a mid level DSLR camera capable of video. These shorts are the new amateur standard of video. Lets get over it and look for something more substantial. Lame.

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