DIY Mini Dolly – made with CamCaddie and RigWheels

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Carl Pendle sends us another of his nifty little projects – a DIY dolly with a CamCaddie and a set of RigWheels. Add a bit of PVC piping and you've got a dolly!

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Carl adds:

The Camcaddie is about $39.00, Rigwheels are $115 or $140 outside of USA, piping depends on length but roughly $15.00 for 3 metres and a bit of plywood and some screws so few dollars for those.

The expensive bit is Rigwheels but you have to pay for quality.

Thanks Carl!
(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. very cool,loudness of wheels dosnt matter as most sound is done separately any how or if he pushes slower,still,i love how people are problem solving and not just spending money on expensive rigs they cant afford if their budget wont allow.good stuff.

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