Canon EOS 5D Mark III commercial – beautiful tease, but a fake

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This Canon EOS 5D Mark III commercial is a beautiful tease, but also a fake – oh how we want it to be real don't we? According to the video poster, “of course a fake 😉 was a school project…”

No, we don't have any info on when the 5D3 will really come out… all we can do is speculate like everyone else. Tho I am speculating that Canon will do a tease commercial just like they did with the 5D2 before it was announced.

Redrock Micro

The 5D3 fake commercial

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There are some additional photos.

Such a nice image:

5D Mark III full fake

5D Mark III full fake

[source: Foto Actualidad via PetaPixel](cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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