Using the iPad as a secondary screen for Final Cut Pro X

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Daniel Freytag has blogged about using his iPad as a secondary monitor for Final Cut Pro X and he's sharing it with us at planet5D. At this point, Apple isn't providing many options for external monitors, but Daniel's come up with a great option if you have an iPad.

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The idea

Is that really working?

Well, it is working, but it’s not THAT dream. You’ll see either your Viewer or Events Browser on the iPad. Thinking of the amount of data, that has to be packed and transfered via Wi-Fi it is comprehensible that it’s not like HDMI. It is a bit pixelated and minimal time-displaced (See video below).

The resolution is 1024×768, so you don’t have that wide space, but for the tiny size of the iPad it’s perfectly read- and viewable.

I tried this, because my 13″ MacBook Pro was to small to view everything. I would not recommend using the iPad as primary Viewer monitor. This is too buggy. But as an external Event Browser, this is kinda neet and usable. You even can drag and drop the sequences on the touch-screen of the iPad! I also noticed a difference in the speed between using the app with an Adhoc-Wifi from the Macbook and with the normal Wifi of the Router. The Adhoc version worked a lot better (also used in the video).

The demo video

Working with the iPad and Final Cut Pro X from Daniel Freytag on Vimeo.

Read more about this on my blog:

Daniel Freytag

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Thanks to Daniel for coming up with the idea and sharing with planet5D!

(cover photo credit: snap from Daniel)

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  2. Looks likes a good way to show clients the project while they sit behind you on your editing stations. Pretty cool.

  3. Great way to visually display clips from the camera footage! Laptop monitor = timeline / clip effects / vectorscope. Second normal HDMI monitor = main video display, Ipad = Camera clips set to thumbnail.


    Thanks for the heads up

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