When you’re learning about your camera, one question that comes to mind is should you worry about the mirror vibration when shooting stills? Does locking the mirror up really help? Well, Preston Scott of CameraTechnica put that question to themselves and decided to put together a little test with their Canon EOS 7D (reviews) to help analyze the situation.

Of course, this will fuel the debate about whether a DSLR even really needs a mirror any more – why not go mirrorless?

Redrock Micro

The test video

DSLR Mirror Vibration from Camera Technica on Vimeo.

More details

Please read the blog post there are more details there and a really good summary. Of course one question that I had while watching the video is answered in Preston’s post – what impact does the shutter speed have?

He also said this snippet:

The results are fairly telling. In the first case, despite all attempts to press the shutter button smoothly, erratic vibrations sent the laser dancing in all directions. The addition of the remote shutter in case two improved things substantially, but there was a surprising amount of movement induced by the mirror. In the third case, it became clear that allowing mirror vibrations to dampen during mirror lock-up helped the situation substantially.

What do you think? Should future DSLRs be mirrorless?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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