Our first hands on report for the Canon Rebel T3i/600D

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Thanks to our friends at LensProToGo, we got our hands on a Canon Rebel T3i/600D and we're pretty impressed. This camera is a great HDSLR starter and it has certainly evolved since the T1i was released just about a year and a half ago. The new on-screen function descriptions are sure to help those who are trying to learn a new craft – tho not completely replacing the joy of reading a camera manual, the new on-screen functions are sure to help the Internet generation navigate and learn many of the tools of the photography/videography trade.

(silly note: I prepped the video quite a while ago – I don't know what happened, it never got posted! Yikes!)

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I actually was very disappointed to have to give up the Canon Rebel T3i because the LCD is brilliant and bright and large. Going back to the 5D2 is kind of a let down (well ok, only in regard to the LCD!).

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This is quite the little camera – tho I say little because it really feels small in my large hands – especially after using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II for so long.

UPDATE: I just returned from vacation and I had planned to add some additional info while I was gone before this was published, but guess what? I was so busy enjoying my family and the fun places we traveled (more on that in another report) that I forgot all about finishing this report. I'm all out of whack! Sorry!

What I intended to say:
The LCD on the Canon Rebel T3i/600D is something I loved while I had it… it is so much nicer than the one on the 5D2 – but I'm sure that is something that will be migrated up the line… they always get better with every version. It is hard to imagine working on that LCD that was on the Rebel Xti any more!

As I mentioned above tho, the body really is small for someone with large hands and for me that is a real negative. It is workable, and most people won't even notice, but moving down from a 5D2, you'll really feel the difference.

I can imagine that if you're a movie maker, you'll want to have one of these on hand. Maybe while you're waiting for a new version of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II or Canon EOS 7D to come out… why not buy a Canon Rebel T3i/600D and then when the new ones come out, use it as a backup or sell it and consider the difference in price as a ‘rental' fee?

The new menus are very nice – and the addition of the extra ‘help' is a nice bonus.

One thing that I pray doesn't get moved up the line is this idea of having a separate “video” option on the mode dial! On the 5D2, you activate the live view and then press the ‘set' button to record video – and when you're fond of doing both stills and video like me, then having to switch the mode dial just to switch between stills and video is a real pain! Canon, please don't do this on the 5D3!

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. From the perspective of a dedicated video shooter, having a dedicated video mode on the dial would be a real plus, not a pain.

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