Michael Meets Mozart – behind the scenes on another 5D2 music video

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Using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) Jon Schmidt & Steven Sharp Nelson are featured in this interesting music video “Michael Meets Mozart” created by Producer Paul Anderson and Director & Director of Photography Devin Graham. They also added a fun “Behind the Scenes”

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Redrock Micro

The video

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Download this and other great hits of Jon Schmidt 's on iTunes
Pachelbel Meets U2

Also you can find Sheet music, mp3s, minus tracks of all his music at www.jonschmidt.com
Look for Love Story Meets Love Story, ROCKmanioff, Pachelbel Meets U2, All of Me, Waterfall and so much more!

After our Taylor Swift Coldplay mash-up, lots of people wanted more song combos. This led us to the creation of a cool hip hop/classical mash-up, but again we could not get permission. Instead of scrapping the great ideas, we used them to create an original tune. You will hear influences and inspiration from other artists. Try and guess them.

On the recording, Steven Sharp Nelson laid down over 100 tracks including cello textures never known possible. Every single sound on the video was made using only the instruments shown: piano, cello, mouth percussion and kick drum. We utilized some cool effects on lots of stuff…for example the U2-style delay on Steve's pizzicato at the beginning.

The extra string on the electric cellos (the black cello has an extra high string and the white cello has an extra low string) allowed us to cover the full range of the orchestra. The deep bass drum sound is a bump on the body of the cello with a little help from some effects. The shaker sound was created by Steve rubbing rosin on his bow. The record scratch is Steve scratching a quarter on the strings…you get the idea.

Special SPECIAL thanks to Paul Anderson and Tel Stewart "The Piano Guys" who put as much of themselves into the video as we did and without whom the video would never have happened. (please "Like" them on facebook, they are awesome!!!) www.facebook.com/PianoGuys

Thank you,

Jon Schmidt

Websites to check out!

The Piano Guys

Jon Schmidt

Steven Sharp Nelson

Devin Graham

This video was filmed at The Muse in Provo, Utah.

Video Production Crew

Paul Anderson

Director of Photography
Devin Graham

Special Effects
Tel Stewart

Behind the Scenes Video
Shaye Scott

David Thorpe

Piano Movers
Jeremy Crawford
Frank Nelson
(They are the only guys I trust to move this piano)

the BTS

For feedburner daily email readers: watch the video (note: feedburner and other email systems disable the javascript embed tags so the videos won't display.)


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